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silverstar marker bulbs

I need to change the bulbs in my marker lights. I have a little delimma though. I like the blue look when off and the lighting up white but i dont like the dim white or brown i should say when the lights are not blinking. Ive thought about switching over to the silverstars but i havent really heard much about them. Most of the stuff i found in the search is on the headlight bulbs.
I also tried looking up the light laws for south carolina to see if i was legal out of curiosity since i have not had a problem for years with the white light but i couldnt find a piece on the blinker colors. So for those of you who have the silverstars what do you think about them? I dont really want to go with the silver coated bulbs. I have clear corners btw.
Lastly what corner bulb did you use to try to match things up either with your headlight or the blinker bulbs? I have silverstar headlight bulbs.

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I've seen them on a vehicle before... they looked fine off and looked relatively stock when blinking--maybe a bit brighter if anything. (You know these blink orange right?-jus checkin)

Yea i knew they lit orange but thanks for the heads up anyway. Guess ill just try the silverstars then since i dont really like the look when the white ones are not blinking. Are there any options out for the other bulb in the corner where it would look blue or clean and light orange? Option 2 would be to try to match my headlights with that bulb and get a checker board look. Then i dont know that i could get a bulb bright enough without melting my lense if i left them on for a while. Ill try to get a day and night picture up once i decide on the small bulb color issue.


Look purple in the wrong light, blue is hardly noticable since the orange and blue mix 99% of the time. Not worth the pricetag. Took mine off within a few weeks.

try this site out

got my whole front end setup (all 6 bulbs) for about $23 where the silver star bulbs will run you about $20 a piece i think.

Thanks for the link. Which bulbs did you go with from there? I also saw where they had 906 and 194's have you tried the 906 in the marker. I have the 194 smaller bulb in there now. Im curious how fast or if the chome coating will burn off and how well you can still see the amber bulb benieth it if i went the amber route. What do yall think?

i got 4 of the 3157s for the turn signals and 2 of the 194s for the markers.

as far as the coating coming off i havent read or heard about that happening. the amber color shows up great when lit but you cant tell when its not.

I can't seem to find the pic in my photo gallery, but I utelized APC superwhite 194's to change over my corner marker light. It is almost a perfect color match with stock headlights, but is very muddied when compared to the silverstar headlamps. They(APC's) will be pulled soon and replaced with either something whiter or the stock bulbs.