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Silverstars vs. Ultras - where to buy?

Greetings all-
I posted below about updating my OEM lighting. I understand now that Silverstar Ultras are the way to go. The problem is I can't seem to find them anywhere! I tried the big discount chains in my area and also 2-3 auto parts dealers but came up empty.

Is there really a noticeable difference between the "normal" Sliverstars and the Ultras? In other words, is it worth my time to continue the search vs picking up the Silverstars? Thanks for the help.

Ultras will be brighter... The silverstar crowd is mostly younger and the ultras were designed to not only attract them with the hint of blue but to appeal to the older crowd more so concerned with more light output.. the silverstars in my civic were much more toward 6k and the ultras were maybe like 5? When i swapped to the ultras I was much happier.. If you want looks get the stars.. if u want light get the ultras... Ebay will be your friend you can score them for 20 bucks easily...

yep ebay

Found my Ultras on there for about $30-$40. Better than anywhere local.

I didnt notice much difference in color or brightness in the Ultras. Some say they last longer. I dont know....Must be some reason they are called Ultra.
What does the Sylvania web site say about them?
Ebay usually has good prices.