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single vs. double wrap intermediate band (was: "where to order Sonnax Parts")


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March 30, 2006
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single vs. double wrap OD band (was: "where to order Sonnax Parts")

[this thread seems to jumped off the subject of where to order Sonnax upgrade parts, so I have re-christened it).

I'm stumped. Maybe I should just ask my transmission or lay hands on it.

I stared at the intermediate band [EDIT: should say "OD band"] for 20+ minutes last night and took at least 20 photos and I still cannot tell (in spite of BrooklynBay's thoughtful posting of the Glacier991 band photos)., scroll down a ways.

Anyone have a crystal ball?

Couldn't I call the local Ford parts dept. and ask them what the description of the intermediate band [EDIT: should say "OD band"] is? Does Ford describe their parts that well?

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The double wrap was the OD band, NOT the intermediate band. The OD is the front band, the intermediate is the one near mid case.

Oops - correction of band ID

You said that the OD band was the one in question (single vs. double) in a post from a few days ago. I got the two mentally reversed. I did stare and photograph the OD band last night and cannot tell whether its a single or a double, either.

Apologies to anyone who is or was confused by my mixing of the intermediate band vs. the OD band being a single or double wrap design.

So my understanding is that the intermediate band (the one in the middle of the transmission) is a single wrap and is correctly adjusted by 2.0 turns out. Period.

The OD band (towards the front of the transmission) may be a single or a double wrap band and thus may be adjusted by either 2.0 turns out or 3.5 turns out.

If you would pull off the bell housing, and have a double wrap band, you would see this:

Sure, I can pull off the bell housing, but I really, really, really, really do not want to.


I only posted the picture for an example of what it looks like. I wasn't suggesting that you tear into your transmission just to see what kind of band you have. I'm still curious as to what kind of band you might have in there.

I know - I was kidding! one of those things that doesn't fare well in email.

Would having the OD band too tight cause the "always in forward 'gear'" problem? I could imagine the intermediate band causing that but the OD band?

At any rate, I plan on putting the VB back in either tomorrow or Thursday evening. Curious to see what changes that will provide.

If I still have the 'always forward' problem, I will then re-adjust the OD bolt under the assumption that the band is a double wrap (3.5 turns out instead of the current 2.0 turns out).

I'm pretty curious about what's in there, too.

The Answer on 1991 double wrap bands

The 1991 OD band is a DOUBLE wrap band and thus takes 3.5 turns out to properly adjust that band.

I received my ATSG brand "update manual" for the A4Ld and on page 14 is the answer; they say that "sometime in 1992" the double wrap OD band was changed to a single wrap but that "beginning in model year 1990, on 4.0L models, a "double wrap" overdrive band was introduced."

Query: If my OD band was adjusted wrong (2.0 turns instead of 3.5 turns), could that cause the X to want to go forward whenever the engine is running (i.e., when in reverse, park, or neutral)?

Update: My TCC solenoid is bad. I had tested it and heard a slight clunk but last night upon further inspection I have concluded that the inner parts are not moving when 12 volts are applied. I will order a new one today.

Query 2: If the TCC was stuck in locked mode, could that cause the X to want to go forward whenever the engine is running (i.e., when in reverse, park, or neutral)?

The TCC and the wrong OD band adjustment are the only two things I've found wrong that might explain the 'always forward' issue.

Defective governor?

Your TCC could potentially lead to the symptoms you mentioned if it was trying to apply at idle... (If it fully appplied it would stall the vehicle). I do not think the OD band adjustment would cause those symptoms.