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Sirius Tuner Installation Help


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June 7, 2005
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2000 EB
A newbe question for you...

I'm looking to install this in my 2000 Eddie Bauer and attach it to my factory headunit (MACH Audio):

It the SIRIUS SC-FM1 Starbase unit.

Anybody install one of these before?
Where is the best place to get power from?

According to the manual, I need to attach three power wires:

+12V to the battery
+12V to switched ignition
-12V negative ground

I've never done this before, but I can't imagine this is different than any of the other Sirius/XM tuners out there....

Can anybody offer any pointers?


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i have the same type box except it attaches to my Alpine HU. I ran power off the cig lighter. You can splice right into the wire. No need to attach to the battery.
Any other questions?

Thanks for the reply....

Did you tap into the cigarette lighter in the dash next to the headunit, or the "accessory plug" near the front passanger's foot well?

And you only attached the negative wire and the "switched" positive, correct?


From the existing wires, you'll need the 12VDC (this is constant power) and you'll need the "switched ignition" or relay (this sends a power signal to the unit when the stereo is turned on and off when off) and you'll need the antenna if you're using the FM modulation. The easiest way to do this is just pull the factory HU (you'll need the Ford stereo removal tools (U-shaped keys that release the lock on the factory HU) they cost about $4-6 at AutoZone or O'Reillys, whatever's close. From here you can get 12VDC AND your relay wires spliced and the antenna, of course.
Wiring: Don't forget to remove the negative (ground) terminal connection on the truck's battery before splicing any wires. Use and the Radio Wiring section to determine which wires behind the HU you'll splice into (12V constant wire and switched 'relay' wire). The SIRI antenna wire requires some trickiness but you can stuff it anywhere you like. Depending on whether the FM modulation is wired or transmitted, you'll need the FM antenna but if transmitted you wont need the antenna cable, you just tune to a specific station, however the sound quality is rather blah over a transmitter. All these wires go TO the tuner. The only thing FROM the tuner is the controllers wire to the dash and the modulated FM antenna out (if not transmitted) which goes to the back of the HU (Or RCA audio out if you got an aftermarket HU.
Mounting: I have a 97 Eddie Bauer and mounted my sirius antenna over the hatch and the tuner was mounted under the flap that folds with the back seats, this way I didn't have to run the antenna from the hatch to the dash (not enough length on the 'stock' SIRI antenna, we'll get back to that). I just used some sticky velcro on the carpet and the tuner and bada-bing. There isnt much room back there but the newer tuners are only about the size of "Of Mice and Men". Installation is usually pretty cheap on these if you're not wire savvy. If you're comfortable snippin' wires youself I'll be glad to help you as much I can from one screen to another. About the antenna, the "included" ones are usually pieces of crap with a 13 foot tail (they usually die about 2 or 3 months in). I highly recommend the Terk upgrade antennas. Much heavier and much better, longer antenna wire. Mine's withstood the elements for almost 2 years and running. Hope this gets you started on your way to enjoying Sirius Radio. You'll love it and we could use your patronage <<down with XM!>>. Later,

OK.... I've got everything installed, except for making the electrical connections. I'm still confused as to what wires to use. All of the wire harness diagrams I've seen don't match up to what's in my truck. I'd love to be able to splice into the trip computer's wire harness.... But not sure what wires to use or if this is a good idea...

There is also a 12v power outlet close by, wired with a black and a black/red wire.... NOt sure if this an an option or not....

Any other suggestions?

You can use the lighter outlets power cord but you still need the switched ign. connection. This pretty much has to be spliced from behind the HU (if you want the sirius tuner to turn on/off with the radio, a good idea). I'm sure a wiring diagram is available somewhere to locate the relay "switched" power wire. My PDF is fubar right now so I cant surf the installdr for you. It's a bummer but you'll get it. I forgot to mention the ground connection (the black wire from the sirius tuner). I'm sure the directions it came with (if any) are clear enough but just find the frame or sheet metal under the carpet or something within a few feet of the tuner and file or wire-brush the paint off a nickle-size spot or so. Screw the loose end of the ground wire down tight to the bare metal.