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Sissy, Green's little sister

Looks like I'm adding a new one. Sissy is a 97 Sport, 4.0, auto, .411's and LS. Pic's are from Arch Canyon in Utah back in 04.


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nice x

Thanks. The current pic's aren't any different. Really looking forward to getting it friday.

..Have you started in on any modifications yet?..:popcorn:

Naw, not yet. I'm layed up at the house. Went to get some meds for an infection in my foot and ended up in the hospital for a week. Came out minus 1/3 of my right heel. Worser thing is I'm disabled from a bad left leg. My right leg had been carring me for over 25 years.

Not going to do much. Rear locker and BFG AT's. I still have Jr. and Green. They can highway 1000 miles to wheel and then back but takes a bit more work and $$'s than Sissy does. Was going to try to show up in Green River next month with Sissy. Looks like it'll be hard work to make HITR in September.

Those pic's were taken in Arch Canyon west of Blanding in 2004. The trail head is in Comb Wash. There are some ruins a short distance in on that trail but they are not that good. Thousands see them every year and they show the traffic with trash. Much better ones down south at the San Juan river SW of Bluff just east of San Juan Hill.

Thanks. I've been able to ride in it a few times. Cain't wait to drive it.

...Sorry to hear about the health issues and wish you the best for a speedy recovery..

...Take your time and get well....It makes for better and longer offroad trips...:biggthump

That's the plan to get ready for HITR in September. But HITR is a lock for me lessin o course I'm dead ur in the hospital.