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Skyjacker 4" coils and leaf pack questions


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July 8, 1999
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Im looking at adding 4" springs to my existing Rancho lift. New 4" coils up front, and a new 4" spring pack in the rear. Im then going to run 33X10.50 tires.

Anyone know the spring rates for the coil and leaf packs from Skyjacker. I thought Skyjacker had a catalog on their web site but I couldnt find it.

Hows the Flex on the coils and leafs from those who run them. Any problems with the springs either fronts or rears.

I'd also like to know about the skyjacker springs. I thought about going with OME because of the great reviews. I want nice ride and offroad handling. Can skyjacker offer this.

I haven't had any direct experience with the Skyjacker springs, but based on past experiences with j**ps, you do want to ensure the leaf packs have the following attributes:

- tapered leaves
- free floating clamps / alignment clips (only bolted to bottom leaf)
- poly (or other) inserts between the leaf ends to assist the leafs in sliding

I have had bad luck in the past with r*ncho and s*perlift springs, despite asking, the springs I got were basic, non tapered, no slider, heavy clamped type. In fact, in one instance, the leaf springs were made at a local manufacturer under contract to the suspension company, I could have gone directly there and specified what I wanted (which is what I did the next time, and got a really nice soft set).

But that could be 'cuz I'm way up in Canada, too. :)

So, based on that, I'm doing a s*perlift 5.5" with the spring over conversion in the rear - keeps the stock springs which have the attributes above and a decent ride. Axle wrap may be an issue though, we'll see.

Hope this helps.