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Skyjacker Steering Stabilizer question


March 31, 2007
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morgantown WV
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94 XLT
I just got the skyjacker steering stabilizer kit and i can see where it wants me to bolt the thing on but t say for vehicles with a front sway bar it needs to be bolted on further back. I was wondering where you guys have bolted this thing to, to make it work? Pictures would be awesome thanx

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I don't have the Skyjacker but here is a picture of how my Rancho mounted. Hope it helps a bit :thumbsup:


thanx for the reply, yea the skyjacker one has the brackets to bolt it to the frame right by where the sway bar attatches. it also is going kinda the other way. I could probably modify to bolt up like yours but I am at college and am far away from any sort of shop tools besides the basic stuff that I have with me.

You need to rub some dirt on that front axle, it looks way too clean.;)

Not skyjacker. But same layout, worst kind imo.




edit, if you need to see where on the frame let me know, ill get a pic tomorrow in daylight