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Slider Options -Recommendations Thread

Ok,off topic
every time I try MIG welding uphill it drips very bad. I use a "triangle building" pattern while working up, going clockwise. Should I turn the wire speed down in comparison to side to side welding?

The bottom plate joint is an overhead weld.Kinda scary. Could you share any tips, techniques to help? It would be appreciated.

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Yeah turn down the wire speed but there are a lot of variables when it comes to welding and each one is kind of related to each other (not to mention everyone learns differently and has their preferred weave pattern). So I say just keep practicing :)

As for the overhead, sit down (legs crossed or with your legs wide apart), dont lay down - just make yourself as comfortable as possible, even if that means getting a chair or a mini stool to prop your elbows/hands on. The more comfortable you are, the more steady your hands are going to be and the better the welds are going to be. Just take your time. If you dont feel comfortable then ask yourself how I can make this more comfortable - even if it takes 5 or 7 minutes of setup time to run a weld for 30 seconds. The good welds will come once your body is in a good, comfortable position.

On the driver side frame rail there are all kinds of brake lines, fuel lines and an electrical harness. The gas tank also protrudes into the frame channel a bit but doesn't actually touch the frame. Do I need to worry, or are the lines stood off enough? What to do?

I have the passenger side all welded on now, driver side is positioned and ready to weld up.

When I had my welding buddy weld my sliders on, he was fairly concerned about them. So that made me concerned about them too. Probably not what you wanted to hear. :p: Just do an inch or two at a time per mount. Go slow, let cool down, etc. Hopefully you'll be fine. :D

The lines on my Explorer touched the chassis because it was all twisted up from moving the filter on top of the chassis. So I rolled up some shop towels and used a few of those as isolators wherever the chassis touched the lines. You can even damp the towel with water a bit.

I was able to release the plastic standoff tabs, and shove metal flashing in between the frame and those pesky lines. :thumbsup:

A good fire extingusher is a most have item when welding around gas!!!