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October 6, 2002
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Ewa Beach, HI
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2006 Explorer Limited 4.6
sliders---Finished and Installed

I am looking for someone that can point me in the right direction. I would like to get some custom sliders/stepbars made for my 92 explorer 4x4. I would also like to get a custom rear swing out bumper made.

It would be best if anyone knows of a fabricator close to Riverside, CA. Though if you know someone that is really good I will travel further.


I got my sliders/steps made today(Feb 28,2004). I think they turned out good and they have been approved by the wife.

Stats: 2x2" .120" tube (main body and mount legs)
1.5" .120" DOM tube (kick outs)
4x4" 1/4" Plate (mounting leg foot pads)




This photo is to show the qaulity of the welds.

Front Passenger side mount

Front Passenger side mount

Rear Passenger side mount

Anyone that has specific questions or would like contact information to get these made PM or E-mail me.
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CoryL, from this site makes them.

I bought a set from him. They are very strong. They were a little pricey considering I had to pay someone to mount them. So with fabrication, shipping and installation, I spent more than I wanted but they will last forever. Try a search. Or Pm him.

You could also try, inland rovers

Talk to Gordon there. He makes stuff mostly for Rovers but he did offer to build me some sliders, which I will have him do once I get the $$. The Rover stuff he makes is also very well built.

Felix I think we should just have a big mod party in So Cal and build them!;) I'll help....just don't got the Equipment...Yet;) Some day:rolleyes:

We should do something like that, get together and make ourselves whatever we want. I can weld, my brother can weld better plus he can machine things.

I have a friend of mine that does lot's of fab work in OC. He's actually doing all the fab work on a 2wd Ranger I'm building and plan on racing. If your willing to hang out at his place, he can pound out sliders for you some Sat. or Sun. for pretty cheap. PM me for his info if you interested.


Hey I'm in OC and I need some sliders for my BII....let me know when you are getting together, I have some great ideas about building some :)

I think we should really do this!;) I need sliders and I want to do bumpers. This would be a great learning experince for some and also a great way to meet everyone. Everyone could come, even those who may be stock but may be a little unsure about going on a run.

Only thing is I think everyone gonna want something and there just will not be enough time in one day.

hahaha no kidding, cant build everyone sliders in one day!!! but we can have a BBQ, OC area get together to talk about it.......

BTW what is Winters name on the board? I have some ??? for him about TTB and coilovers......


I think it is a very rare thing to see him on the board. In T-haven he said it had been months sence he had ben on the board. Rick would know for sure or just ask Paul.

hahahah Paul is the one who owns the Black Ex?
I couldnt figure out who truck that was, I mean from what I gather it was Pauls truck with Winter being the fabricator??? Or am I way off base? Somebody diff was driving it every time :)

hahahah Paul is the one who owns the Black Ex?

You got it!;)

Winter is just the Mechanic. But man is he a wealth of knowlage

Yeah I picked that up real quick! I want to pick his brain...I think I would get along good with him :)

So invite him to our get together!!!!

We can do it at my apt in Lagune Niguel, but its a little cramped, only a 2 car garage.........

What all you got? Do you have a welder or anything? Other tools? grinder, drill press, ect.

I got to wait for the house to get all my toys:D I got a list started, just don't have the room at my Appt.

Me? I have every single hand tool needed to completely disassemble or assemble a Ford BII/Ranger/Explorer :)

I have a grinder :)

hahahahahahaha!!! all my air tools were my dads and are still in denver....Brett has all the welding, cutting, pressing, sandblasting, and hoisting stuff, he wouldnt let me move it out here with me for some reason :)

Someday when I get a HOUSE I will get my own stuff, I think the apt complex may start complaining if I run 220 to the garage and get a 50 gal compressor :)

I am the hand tool king! If I dont have it you dont need it!! (unless it requires welding)

hahaha but I would be willing to host the pre build/fab get together!!!

Also hey I grew up in Glendale! Right up the hill from Hoover High!!! Off topic I know......I used to play T ball for the Keneth road RX, I went to Keppel and then to Toll jr for a few weeks before we moved back to CO in 84......

Ya I know how ya feel, I moved into my Appt. One year ago this weekend. My dad has all the stuff in his garage.:rolleyes: He just got the 220 hooked up to the garage so we could fire up the Air. He has an old one from a Garage I think it's 100 gal.:D I belive he may have access to a good welder too. Right now only has Arc welder. But has A nice dill press and a floor grinder, and bunch of other stuff. He's been lookind at a plasma cutter lately. ;) But he just put like 40k into his house so who knows. He's been building his Zuk up but it's goin really slow. I think the Lockers are about to go in. I don't think I could get away with hav'n a mod party there eathier.:( We just gotta be patient Jamie.

As far as Glendale, I know where thats at my wife works for the Glendale school disrict. She works at Balboa Elementry right above Keneth. I would like to by a house in the area some day but at about 600k on average here:rolleyes: I don't know...

Is this what you call Highjacking a thread? Sorry Felix we had you in mind the whole time though:D

Well with the amount of people in this area putting something together shouldnt be hard. I know Stinkyfab will build sliders for us, they are in SD.

When we moved in 84 our house sold for $200K, probably worth 750 now...its up high on the hill, 606 Bohlig road was the day soon I will drive up there and check it out......

My shop (dads barn) is now 1200 miles away :(

Oh well at least I have a GARAGE now....

Bohlig road ! thats not buy Hoover! thats near me. I'm on Louise a block east of brand. Thats funny though theres a place arround the corner from there where I go and test my Flex out. It's were two steets meet and one goes up hill a little and the other goes down at like 40* angle. Works great!;) And I bet you your old house is more then 750k now probally closer to 900k or more.

I know Stinkyfab will build sliders for us

Well that's no fun! I want to build:bounce:

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Right I know its a few miles,. but I cant remember all the street names so I jsut say up the street from Hoover.

Yeah our house was the last one on the left at the top of the hill, wooden one looking out towards LA, in that culdisac with the huge CMU retaining wall. Sure was fun growing up there with all the hills! GO CARTS galore and we would play suicide and handball on that wall.

I cant believe you know Bohlig road! Its not that long!
I think I know what streets you are talking about!
Is there a house right on that corner (Y) with a SERIOUSLY steep driveway??

MAN what a small world. 900K????? HOLY CRAP! the place was falling apart back then! probably been rebuilt since then...location location location!!!

oh man good times good times....