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It's around the corner from there. It would be the next street over (north) It goes into a little coldsac.

Maybe I'll go check out you old house and take a picture and send it too ya.:D

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That would kick some ass!!! I could tell the new owners some stories man!!! oh man,....

I have been meaning to take a drive up there and check it out......

Last time I was at the Glendale Galleria they were just about top open the second building and bridge....

I wonder if any of my old friends from JR high still live around there....especially some of the girls IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I remember even at 12 some of them were HOT!! hahahaha

Originally posted by 01Baja4x4
I have a friend of mine that does lot's of fab work in OC. He's actually doing all the fab work on a 2wd Ranger I'm building and plan on racing. If your willing to hang out at his place, he can pound out sliders for you some Sat. or Sun. for pretty cheap. PM me for his info if you interested.

You guys needing sliders should pursue this!

Jamie, Winter is not on this board. Paul is, and Colin was.

Originally posted by 410Fortune
Me? I have every single hand tool needed to completely disassemble or assemble a Ford BII/Ranger/Explorer :)

I am the hand tool king! If I dont have it you dont need it!! (unless it requires welding)

hmmm...what about a balljoint press?? ;)

I got a welder, grinder, air, crappy sawzall, etc...just no bender and no plasma cutter...however my neighbor has a fatty plasma, as well as some other dudes I know got benders and sickass tools.

I am going this Saturday to get my sliders made. I will try to get some pictures up of them Sunday. At this point I am not really sure what they will look like, but I do have have a good idea.

So where are you going to get them made???

I am going to have 01Baja4x4's buddy Paul make them. We talked on the phone for a bit Sunday and he told me to bring it on down and he will hook it up. I will post the specs of the sliders after they are made this weekend.

Nice.......I need some too if he is looking for another paying customer :)

I need the prior to MOAB in May if possible.


I got my sliders/steps made today. I think they turned out good and they have been approved by the wife.

Stats: 2x2" .120" tube (main body and mount legs)
1.5" .120" DOM tube (kick outs)
4x4" 1/4" Plate (mounting leg foot pads)




This photo is to show the qaulity of the welds.

Front Passenger side mount

Front Passenger side mount

Rear Passenger side mount

Anyone that has specific questions or would like contact information to get these made PM or E-mail me.

:thumbsup: Very Nice!

The only thing I would have diffrentis make them go closer to the wheel wells. Or maybe they do and it's just the picture angle. How much did those run ya?

I had them made a little short in the front on purpose. I am going to be doing my front axle soon and upgrading to 35" tires. Then I will open the back of the front fender a little and make it look as if the sliders are not so short. It ran me about 300 for them.

They look great. Glad that worked out for you.


Looking good Felix! I got my notcher this week and I was gonna try and get some sliders on before TDS but the drivers side is gonna be a little involved. My E-brake cable is smack dab in the middle of the frame rail, right where I need to weld my supports so I'll have to push the mount for the cable up a couple inches. Not a major deal but oh well. I'm impressed how well the notcher works, it tears right through the tubing with no problem...definately a good buy.

I got the one M-tech supply carries for $179...they actually have 2 models in that price range. One has an engraved degree scale on it and the other one has a degree scale on the sticker. I wanted the engraved one but they are on backorder so they gave me the other one with a mounting plate (normally $20 extra) for free. :D The mounting plate is so you can make your own stand and mount the notcher to it.

OKay Dave and Josh when are we having a slider build party? 3 trucks, 6 sliders, and 1 hell of a lot of beer....

ona you got a bender? I'm ready anytime, along with my little welder, if its necessary. My buddy has everything, but I'm too lazy to drive up to LA. The beer sounds nice :D

The only thing I was concerned about on my truck was the e-brake cable, along with the fuel lines (on the inside) on the driver frame rail

I've got a Lincoln 220v Mig welder so all I need now is a bender which I'm getting with my tax return. I'd host a fab party if you don't mind the drive out here to the Palm Springs area and hopefully it isnt too hot by the time I get the bender. Fabbing up stuff in 100+ degree weather isn't my idea of fun:p I also have to find a local metal supplier, I know for sure there's one in Anaheim and I think one is in Irvine too but it would be nice to find one in my area.

As far as the E-brake cable and fuel lines are concerned i'm in the same boat. I have a cable mount by my radius arm mount which if I move up a couple inches should work without binding at the other end and as for the fuel lines, I forget how they are attatched to the frame exactly but I was thinking space them out with pieces of wood when it comes time to weld to the frame.

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quick question, how well would 3" tube nerf bars hold up as sliders if u added 1/4" plate steel all the way across by where they bolt on?