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Slight gas smell


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October 7, 2008
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Buford, Ga
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2008 ST Limited
Okay as some of you may have seen me post, I was getting a check engine code of P0430, now with that being said I am still getting the code and I haven't found the underlying issue yet. Here are the symptoms:

-Below 1500-1800 RPMs and around 45-65 mph, I'll get a stuttering feeling as I accelerate especially around 55. If I tap the gas and jump the rpms above 1800, the truck will accelerate smoothly.
-In the cabin I don't smell anything as long as the AC is either off or set to a setting that turns on the AC light, however, if I set it to defrost and sit at a light or parked somewhere, I begin to get the slight smell of gasoline in the cabin.
-The exhaust itself doesn't smell any different, as in, I know what it would smell like if the truck was running rich, and if it was running lean.
-The motor idles smooth
-All 8 coil packs and spark plugs have been changed before, not saying that the issue isn't there. I'm curious as to know if anyone thinks it could be a fuel injector.

The reason I don't feel as though the issue is simply the O2 sensor code I've been getting is because when I hooked up the OBDII reader and set it to monitor, all sensors read normal, even swapped the sensor to another bank and still got P0430. I drove the truck with the misfire monitor up so that I could see which cylinder(s) are acting up between 45-65....everything read normal, except when I checked the EVAP system. All it will tell me is that there's a leak detected in the EVAP system. I'm considering changing the canister but before I go getting myself involved in a solution to a problem that may not need fixing, I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or has insight. My prior 2001 Sport did something similar but that was solved as soon as I lifted the fuel rail and the fuel injector on cylinder 3 literally disintegrated. I have noticed during my coil pack dilemma that certain cylinders are linked to other things in the vehicle. For example, when the coil pack on cylinder 5 died, my AC stopped working for that brief 30 min it took to get to the parts store and change it out