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slight pull to right on breaking


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April 8, 2004
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96 XLT
:usa: I have a '96 which developed a slight pull to the right last year.. I replaced brake hoses, pads, calipers and rotors and greased hardware on both calipers. It went away, but this week almost 1 year later it came back. There is more brake dust on the right wheel than left. Any ideas..Ray:usa:

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check for caliper operation and pad wear and try your best to diagnose it. I'd recommend a brake fluid flush when/if u replace anything


Sounds like the left side caliper isn't working properly and the right side is trying to make up for it.

No doubt, it's the left side brakes. If the brake fluid level doesn't go down at all, indicating there's not a leak, then it's most likely the caliper sticking, either the piston, slide pins, etc. Be sure to check the rear too, not just the front.

I think I solved this problem. It looks like 1 of the drivers front pads was binding and not releasing when I let go of the brakes...Ray:usa: