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Slip yoke

Josh P

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February 18, 2015
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1991 aerostar
I have a 2002 M5OD-r1HD transmission I'm looking for a 1330 slip yoke for. The internet is the land of conflicting information, some say use a C4 yoke and others say it won't fit.

measure the outside diameter on the splines the outside diameter of the seal surface you should be able to find a yoke from a driveshaft shop or a transmission shop

E8TZ4841F is the part number for the 1310 slip yoke. It has been discontinued
F6ZZ4841BA is the part number for the 1330 slip yoke. Still available
I posted both part numbers to help the next guy that is in need.

take that yoke to a driveshaft shop they will be able to help no need to use ford parts they will just be spicer anyhow