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Sloped 2 in body lift with SOA and 33 pics


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May 12, 2009
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Austin, Texas
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99 Explorer Sport
Well I am excited I just got my 33's and cragars put on after doing a sloped 2 in body lift so I wanted a reason to post pics haha.






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looks good even dirty !! , Love the sport 2 door like my navajo

Thanks, I do love the 2 doors haha. It hasn't rained here in forever, that was by far the most fun I have had in the last few months, I love the way the truck sits now.

Great looking Ex. How much did you have to crank the Tbars?

chase man, that explorer is sick. thats the one you did the 4wd conversion on huh!? awesome. some day a long time from now, im going to do the same and go soa in the back.

Well thank you guys, I am not positive on the how much I cranked them up because back when I was 2wd I had them at about 3.5 inches, Once I completed the 4WD swap I cranked them down a bit. I am guessing its around 2 maybe a tiny bit more, I have manual hubs though so I could probably crank them a bit more since they are unlocked unless I am offroad.

Yes it is the 4wd swapped one haha. The lift was really cheap, I paid 40 bucks for all the bolts and body lift blocks I needed, only 4 each, since I bought them separatley off of this place

The spring over axle cost me like 20 for the perches, and 40 to have someone weld them on, the clearance is very nice now. I highly recommend the 4wd swap it was fun as hell to do, I was surprised how cheap, and the end result is amazing.

Thanks for lookin, Chase

looks good!! Do you happen to recall what parts/how many you needed/what sizes....etc for the body lift..just in case if I choose to do the same?


Okay you will need leaf spring perches for a 3.25 in diameter axle tube, I just bought 3 in diameter and had the welders grind them a bit to fit. That is all you need for the rear, theyre like 20 bucks. For the body lift I only needed 4 lift blocks at 3.75 a piece, and 4 bolts, I was able to move the rest around so I could reuse them. If you have a 2 door I can post up the exact size bolts and the height of each block. Nick26 has a thread on a 3 in sloped body lift for a 4 door with the measurements, I just didnt want to do a steering extension, or radiator drop so I stuck with a 2 and didnt have to mess with anything except the fan shroud.

do you have any trouble clearing the 33s with the 2in body lift?

Nice work, truck looks great. Gonna go for a tube bumper or just waiting to get the brackets to put the stock one back on?