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Slow 2nd shift and od problems


April 16, 2010
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cahokia illinois
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97 xlt 5r55e 4.0 ohv
Got a problem here. 97 explorer 4.0 ohv 5r55e tranny. Shifts into 2nd very slow, takes forever to complete the shift, seems to just slide into gear, like its slipping. Also it shifts into od at 45mph, if I hold the mph right at 45 it will shift in and out of od ???? Any help would be grateful.

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Sounds like the slipping problem most likely means it needs a rebuild. How long have you owned the vehicle?

I appreciate your input, but no its not slipping its just not completing the shift as fast as it should. It started after I switched the shift solenoids around.

Gasket? I was thinking maybe one of the solenoids? I found a rebuild valve body with all the solenoids cheap, but dont want to do that if its just 1 solenoid.

I adjusted the bands, 2 for the od and 2.5 for the inter, it improved a bit so i went a quarter more in and it helped a bit more, how far could i go with the adjustments? is it just masking the real problem?
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As I stated before the bands are slipping and not engaging. You will need a rebuild sooner or later on the transmission. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news

Dude like I said its not slipping, it was fine before I switched the solenoids around, its either the solenoids or the valve body gasket, just curious if someone who KNEW might be able to help out.

Change the solenoid then if thats what started the whole problem. No need to be rude about anything. I'm just saying those transmissions have a lot of problems and your best bet to get everything perfect would be to do a rebuild. Only trying to help considering I'm the only one that has answered back to you at all

Im not trying to be rude, im trying to find out if a solenoid would cause that problem or maybe the gasket, im not sure which solenoid would cause that, if at all. I pulled off the valve body for no reason, I had a different problem which I found later, but when I had it off I pulled the solenoids and im sure when I put them back they were in dif locations. Before this the tranny worked perfect, the problem was a broken shift fork in the transfer case. Sorry if i seemed rude, alot of people just throw out ridiculous cures.

The solenoid can do that. The adjustments could be out (as you have seen adjusting it has helped but you can only adjust so far before you snap the bands). If you don't have everything perfect in the valve body there could be an issue with the pressurization of the bands and it won't work theres a lot of things here that can make it do what its doing. My suggestion is to tear everything down again and go through it carefully measuring out everything and making sure everything is in the right place.