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slow 4th gear engagement

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February 27, 2008
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UK croydon
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98 explorer 4.0 SOHC v6
hi all, i have the very late 96 build explorer and im now experiancing trouble with the 4th gear engaging from 3.

Traviling over 30 mph in 3rd gear it slowly ingages the 4th gear in 1-2 secs, the revs rise by eg 3000rpm to 5000rpm then engages softly,
I can take my foot off the gas before it ingages the 4th gear to stop the revs riseing and will engage slowly 4th gear, this is all driving on "AUTO",
But if i change it to "4x4 low" the 4th gear changes normally, and pushing the overdrive button it respnsed quickly to drop to 3rd gear and back to 4th gear normally.
What can i do to solve this? the transmission fluid is clean and clear, no noises or clunks changing any gear, it has driven perfect for the last 3 years of ownin it in my family.
Would another fluid change help or is it a bigger task to sort it?

(this is a 4 speed auto sohc)

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