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Slow Coolant Leak & (Associated?) Heating Issue


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July 6, 2010
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2002 Explorer Limited
I've had a slow coolant leak on my 2001 Explorer Limited for over a year now. It was leaking from the thermostat housing but I managed to repair that. It now seems to be leaking from further in the engine compartment; I've not really managed to ascertain where from yet. Leak is pretty slow; 3-4 inch round puddle usually found the morning after I've run the car. The strange thing is that the system only seems to leak so far and then stop (and it's not empty either!). If I top the system up, it will leak again, and then stop - generally towards the bottom of the expansion/filler tank. Even when running at this lower level, I never get any indicated high temp issues although I can generally smell a hot/coolant smell after the car has been running for a while.

I've also noticed the car takes some time to warm up. After running for a while, I can get warm/hot air blowing via the fan but if the car is stationary the air runs colder... Blocked heater core...?? Coolant leak from the heater core?? Any thoughts/ideas gratefully received.