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Slow coolant leak, even when truck is off.


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July 16, 2001
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99 Explorer Sport
I can only see coolant coming from somewhere on the passneger side bottom corner. Where the little drain nipple is. Its not leaking from there though and only appears to be coming from that bottom corner.

The truck has been off for 24 hrs and there is little drips of coolant forming. Very very slow leak, but a leak nonetheless.

I hope this isn't a cracked radiator. This all started happening after I had an oil change where they topped up fluids as well. (it was too cold out for me to do it myself because I always do my own changes)

Nothing up top coming from the rad cap, the overflow container....

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is it the hose leaking? mine is leaking pretty good around where the hose is clamped on the rad.

nothing coming from the hose. The coolant is forming up around the radiator bracket. Seemingly right around the bottom corner, passenger side.

hm, i dunno, sure it aint coming from the rad itself?

it might be the water pump. I think mine leaks from there. I guess when it starts to go it starts leaking down the front of the engine

freeze plug? i think thats where the 95 is leaking lol, its odd cause both explorers have the same problems at the same times lol

Funny that this shows up because today I noticed my resevoir empty, and low and behold theres a leak. Its dripping from the tube shaped stub that sits in the rubber mount. I'd like to know the outcome of this.

Guys, this is definitely forming somewhere on the radiator at this corner area.

Its not the waterpump, there is no coolant on the motor whatsoever. Its not running down any hoses, I checked all those.

I pulled the fan shroud off a bit on the bottom and the only thing I can think of is there is some split or hairline crack in the radiator somewhere. I hope its not that. It is very isolated to that lower corner of the rad, on the passenger side. I'll take a pic if it would help.

mine was doing kinda the same thing it turned out the radiator did have a small hairline crack I temporarily repaired mine with 2 part epoxy granted it wasnt the best job but held till I could afford a new radiator.