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Slow cranking and not charging after timing chain replacement.


January 27, 2019
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1998 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I have a 1998 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer with the 5.0l and just did the timing chain due to the timing cover gasket leaking coolant. I also replaced the battery as it looked old and showed up weak on the battery tester. When I first started it after replacing timing chain and battery, it cranked over really slow, and then it cranked over faster and started. I also notice the charging system doesn’t seem to be working. Battery reads 12.5 volts with the engine running but oddly doesn’t die when you disconnect the negative battery cable. I tested voltage drop from the positive battery cable to red wire at alternator, found 12.5 volts there also. I also tested voltage drop at the big red wire that goes to the starter to find it has 12.5 volts there as well. I also tested for ground at the Engine block, and has 12.5 volts. New starter and alternator didn’t fix it. New battery tested good. Didn’t do any of this prior to replacing the battery and timing chain.

Check the grounds on the driver's motor mount and lower timing cover stud.

Turns out I was doing the voltage drop test wrong. From the negative battery cable to one of the starter bolts, it had a voltage drop of 6.71 volts while cranking. Narrowed it down to the ground on the timing cover stud, the nut was barely hand tight. Snugged it down, now cranks over fine, and charges at 14.1 volts.

ah the simple things, glad to hear it wasn't a tooth off