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Slow Fuel Fill Problem -2002 Explorer.


July 3, 2009
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Glendale, California
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2002 Explorer Limited
Aright guys here's the deal, my 2002 Explorer started having this problem about a month ago. While trying to pump gas, the pump clicks of every few seconds as if the tank is full. I tried pulling out the nozzle a little...and still no luck. However, gas does not shoot out of my tank like with some people who were having the same problem as me. (If thats of any help)

The check engine light is not on, so im doubting its an electrical malfunction caused by the purge valve or the canister vent solenoid. Ive checked the hoses and they don't seem to be pinched or kinked.

Any Ideas on what else i should be checking/doping....i know its a minute problem...but its quite aggravating.

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I had this same problem with my 93 explorer, never did figure out what the problem was

I have seen in other threads that the filler hose on the car goes bad a kinks at the tank. I would start there.

I have tried several different gas stations so i know that's not it.

Filler hose does not seem to be kinked, and ive checked all the hoses that are discussed on that Sport Trac forum. No DICE!!

So now im thinking there might be something actually restricting the hose from inside. Prolly take it apart this weekend and check that out.

Anyone know how i can test my purge valve and vent canister/solenoid to make sure they're functioning properly? Any other electronics/sensors i should be checking?

Still have this ridiculous problem...I was going to just start replacing parts and had a few questions.

If the check engine light is not coming on...should i even bother trying to replace the electrical components such as the evap canister, vent solenoid, or canister purge valve?

Should i just go straight to trying to replace the filler neck assembly?