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Slow Restoration of the 01 sport

Hey guys, long time no post...

I've slowly been restoring the old 01 sport. The paint was pretty shot and I've managed to get it looking 10X better by loving on it with touch-up paint and many hrs of buffing. I've also completely customized the interior to modernize. The truck still runs like a champ and I've had no problems with the turbo set-up. I have not been driving much as I have the 13 sport as my daily driver. However, after I'm done here my plan is to drive on a daily basis. One thing I'm seriously considering is a 3.5 ecoboost swap. The 13 sport I have has pretty much sold me being that it's so much heavier and the engine pulls the weight very well. Not to mention all the folks that have been successful getting there heave a$$ trucks into the 12's with the motor. I'm pretty sure I'd have a major beast with the motor swap and 20 LBS+ of boost. Anyways, Here's a few pics of the progress.





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wow man that truck looks awesome, the interior is so smexy lol. paint looks good too, good luck with the ecoboost swap, would be awesome to see.

A ecoboost swap would be sweet, I don't think anyone has attempted such yet, but that would make for very nice ride.

I love those seats, how did you get those bolted in? Are they on stock seat tracks?

looks terrific!

It's good to hear from you again. Your Sport looks terrific! I'm planning on a new paint job and interior if I ever get done modifying my drivetrain. I'm in the middle of tuning my M90 installation but am considering stroking the engine to 4.3L later on to get more low end torque. The M90 boost on my Sport is noticeable at a lower engine speed than the turbo boost on my Volvo 850 wagon but I still want more low speed torque. I can't forget the performance of my 4.2L Jaguar E type that had about a 4.25 inch stroke and could pull strong from below 1500 rpm in 4th gear but still rev to 6,000 rpm. Please keep us posted on your plans and progress.

Thanks guys.

The seats are mounted on the stock sliders. Just a little modifying is needed and it wasn't too terribly hard to make work. Cypher Auto is the brand I ended up choosing and I have no regrets after installing.

Good deal 2000streetrod. Keep working at it!

that looks fantastic. in and out. did i not read at one time you gave that to your kids to drive?

I had second thoughts about letting him loose with this one, ended up helping him get a truck.