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Small issue after 4R55E is rebuilt


April 7, 2011
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Cumberland, RI
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2002 Explorer XLS 5-speed
Hey everyone I recently had the 4R in my 96 explorer rebuilt (full rebuild shift kit and heavy duty torque converter) and everything is great except for one issue. Between 25-50 mph if i go wot trans will slip approx 500 rpm (say 3500 rpm until 4000 rpm, then go back to 3500 rpm and continue in the rev climb normally). In the lower speeds where it would call for a 2-1 downshift it will not downshift but do same brief slip as mentioned above and stay in 2nd. Partial throttle downshifts do happen but not under wot. This DOES NOT happen at any other speed or gear. I'm puzzled and looking for answers. I've had a very stressful six months with transmission issues and don't want to throw in the towel on my ex due to all the time effort and money I have into it now. Any info is welcome. Thanks in advance.