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Small lift question

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February 11, 2003
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Im putting 32ds on my 91 X in or around may sometime and i was just making sure of somethings.....Im gonna do a small lift of shackles in the back and coil spacers in the front....Where can i get these?..4wheelparts...jcwhitney?
For the spacers and shackles are there certain ones like 1 inch 2 inch something like that?

How much do they usually cost?


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Get the f150 spacers for the front from Ford. And get the Warrior shackles for the rear from 4 wheel parts or the like.

Do mean go to a local ford dealer and get spacers from them there...what would i ask for exactly?


I got my coil spacers from a junk yard for about $20.00. They came off of a 1996 F 150/250. They are the same from other trucks within that same year and body styling. The shackels are Warrior Products part # WAR153, and they should be around $65.00 counting shipping.

I have been able to fit 32's with this combo but I'm not sure if you have a 2 or 4dr. With the 4dr it usually doesn't work. You'll need a 4" lift to clear 32"s.

Good luck!

The spacers are off of the two wheel drive models. If you do a little searching you can find the part #'s here. I did back when I did it.

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Send me a PM with your email and I'll send you a pic of them installed!