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small lift?????


October 20, 2005
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norfolk, va
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01 xlt
hey guys i've only had my explorer for a few months (july) anyways i had a ford ranger before this and i was able to do a 2" lift (daystar coil spacer in front and block in the rear) I really liked this setup cause it retained a pretty stock ride quality and i want to do something like this to my explorer its an 01 xlt awd 5.0 all i have been able to find are the 4" lifts and i'm not lookin for that much is there 2" lifts out there that wont sacrifice ride quality? I thought about the torsion bar torque and add a leaf but i dont want to make my ride real stiff is there like a spindle or spacer i can use and i dont even know about the rear maybe a spring over kit? can anyone help



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if its a 4wd the best you can do is either a bl or the TT and shackle or AAL

awd does that count????

well i tell you i just did a Shackle and TT on my stock 2000 XLS Xplorer, i gained only about an inch and didn't really loose any ride quality. am gonna be adding 31's under her eventually, and a 2" BL later down the road. other then something like that you wont need anything else. but thats just my opinion.....

scubajb19 said:
awd does that count????

Nope. Like Tilt said, body lift, torsion twist/shackle or the 4" lift kit.

If it was 2wd you'd have some diff options.

hey jester, we're running almost the same truck...

Heh, yea we do.

I see that it says co under your avatar, looks like you have jersey plates thou?

oh yeah those are old pics....actually i just got CO plates yesterday, I've been goin to school here but still "lived" in NJ
whats next for u? AAL? bumper?

aaaa ok. Yea co is deff better than jersey.

Actually AAL cant be put on a monoleaf. Tax time probly gona go w/ a set of Deaver Leafs & a 3" bl to fit 33x12.5 trxus. Long as PA law allows it (moving back end of this yr) will put on a Dixon Bros tube front bumper.

dixon bros? who? does someone actually make an aftermarket bumper for 2ndgens?

why not just get some 4dr springs? (sry i thought u were a 4dr at first, just made a quick lookover at urs) they actually act as a lift and all

Absolutely. Late 90's ~ 200x (dont remember what yr) fit our X's. To me the price is very resonable considering its 100% bolt in w/ a skid plate to the crossmember.

Heres the bumper

Ive looked @ 4dr leafs & I want something lil more quality & flex than 4dr springs.

Really cool thing about Dixon bros, they have a IFS replacement. Gives 14" travel & a $4100 tag w/ fox coil overs. :eek: Thats my long term plan for the front.