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January 30, 2002
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Mount Dora, FL
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'92 XLT
well ever since i changed my lower/upper intake manifold gaskets when the truck is warming up to normal running temp i smell antifreeze. in addition to the gaskets i replaced the heater hose. i don't know where the smell is coming from but i don't appear to be leaking any fluids.

all thoughts/comments would be appreciated!

Antifreeze may have spilled onto an exhaust system part while the heater hose was changed. As the exhaust heats up, it's burning the antifeeze residue and that's what your smelling....


Since the only part of the cooling system that you touched was the hose, maybe there is a tiny leak. Double check the hose. Be sure to check the radiator level (when the engine is cold) as well as the expansion tank.


Climb under the truck and check the freeze plug on the very back of the block just under the head. That was my first one to rust out and when it started to go, it just smelled sweet for a few minutes, then would stop.

My passenger side went first and I have the 92 also.

great thanks guys.....i did the replacing of the gaskets at least 6 weeks ago. so i'm sure they're can't be much residue if any left down there. i'll check it out tomorrow