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Smoothest suspension + tyres - Long trip.


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July 28, 2022
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Montevideo - Uruguay
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1994 XLT
Hello again.
My new XLT came with 4x 265/75/16, MT tyres.
I don't know what shoks are installed, but the feeling is not soft....i can feel every detail on the floor, and it's bouncy ( tyres are not over inflates).
I'm planning for february a 7000-9000 km trip around argentina, chile peru' and ecuador´ with my family, and i need it smooth.
We will not go to any diffucult 4X4 paths, just, highways and some dirt roads.
I've read that Motorcraft shocks seemed the best way for that, if someone knows better ( for softness) schocks, please let me know.
About tyres....
I guess i'll go for AT's.
If we forgot what we like visually the most, what size of tyre would be the best for that?.....
Next days, i'll send the seats to refoam, so i'll gain a bit there..
Thanks all for your comments!


Air pressure, 32 lbs or so for smooth ride.