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SMORR 2011....Official thread






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Little tuff truck testing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry I couldn't get on here to tell you guys I wasn't going to make it. Love the pics Im sick to my stomache about missing this one. Hope we plan one I can for SURE make it to soon. Sorry again about my absence looks like it was a blast!

Posting up for Mark (Sparksaflyin') they made it home with no issues:thumbsup:

Made it back to Columbia in one piece (and a little before 5pm! Not bad)

Muchos gracias to everyone for a great weekend, all things considered. Hopefully I've said that enough times, and rest assured I meant it every time.

Had a great time, fully invested to do it again (in more ways than one). Uploading pics as we speak, will post them and the vids that make it thru the examination process when I can

SMORR pics @ photobucket

Looks like everyone had a blast. Glad everyone made it home without any drama.

I'm super disappointed about not being able to make it this year :( but some things are more important (I guess :rolleyes: ) We got bought a set of appliances for the new house instead.

Great pics!! Looks like a great time out there:chug:

We made it home safely as well. Shannon and I had an AWESOME weekend. I promise to get a photo bucket acct. and learn to download all the pics and videos.

It was nice seeing so many familiar faces, and was great to meet so many new people. Just attending events like these, solidifies the fact that EF members are a great group of people.

Brad, I want to Thank You again for the trails and Flight time. :rangerred:

Mark & Joshua, words can't describe the thrill that Shannon & I got while riding along with the two of you guys, we are still trying to relax the pucker.:bounce:

Looks like everyone had fun this weekend, sorry I couldn't make it. Hopefully sometime in the near future I can start work on another rig and join you guys again.

It was a great time.. My t-case was shot had no 4wd. Thank goodness I only drove 275 miles to find I had a broken t-case instead of 1200 miles to Moab. Anyways we had a blast and Brad let me and my son ride with him. We had a blast and dont ever think just because you have 31" tires you cant have fun. Thanks again Brad. Carter was planning our next trip out on the way home.:D

Anyone have a t-case for sale??????????????????????????

Thanks to all that made this trip a good time despite the weather.

Thanks to all the spotters, and all the help that was pitched in by everybody to make this meet a good time.

To those that made it out, your just an awesome group of people, to those that couldn't make it, hope to see you another time.

A special thank you to my Son & future Daughter for making the trek and being involved with everything we did. You being there made my weekend a complete success. :)


Next time I will be trailering again!!! Just placed order for my new Ford Raptor :)

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Had another great time seeing all you guys again. Did some things I never thought my truck would do. I'm just glad I only had stupid problems to deal with like relays and fan weights:rolleyes:.

Here is link to pics and vids, blame Techie for the shaky camera work. spring 2011/

Well then you hang half out the window or stand on a steep muddy hill and try to take video, I bet it doesn't end up a whole lot better:p:

Here are more of the videos I took off of my iphone.

Mark going through flex and stuff a lot easier than Gregg and Phillip, I didn't get any video of phillip for some reason though.

Mark climbing up the hill that Phillip and Gregg and problems with all weekend. Both made it up at least once though, it was just a muddy greasy mess.

Scott playing with pugly while Gregg was back at camp

Phillip on what I think is Bronco Buster, Brandon (park owner) took Gregg and Daniel down this trail a couple of years ago at night and we had all kinds of trouble because of the lack of sliders. They made it though just fine this time.

Phillip trying to climb the hill and not making it

Phillip coming down a huge ledge after we spent 20 minutes standing around looking at it and trying to figure out how to get down, and getting Gregg down it.

Phillip twisting around on a tight hill descent

Gregg on the same descent

Gregg going down a level 4, I don't remember the trails name

Brad jumping the ranger

Brad playing around, jumping the ranger, then getting it on 2 wheels

Benji coming down the big hill on ranch road

Benji trying to back up the hill that Brad was jumping, after scaring his wife by charging at the jump.

And finally a jeep getting up double whammy