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Sn0border88's Finally Elite!

Guess I get to hang out with the cool guys now. Well, down to the stuff.

Tan Leater Seats from a '98.
Bulletproof armrest hinge :D
Kenwood HU
Kenwood Components
Radio Shack CB
Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge
Autometer Water Temp Gauge
Autometer Air/ Fuel Gauge (Disco Light Edition) :thumbsup:
Autometer Tranny Temp Gauge on Pillar
Ford Racing Stering Wheel Cover
Ultra Pimp Switch Panel on the Headliner (FINALLY WORKS)

5.5" Superlift
3" Body Lift
1.5" Shackles
SOA Lift
Superlift Superride Shocks at all 4 corners.
33x12.50x15 Procomp X-Terrains
Matching Spare
Rear bumper w/ swing out tire carrier & Class 2 Hitch
4 KC 150W Daylighters
Front Class 2 Reciever Hitch
Shiny Bling Diff Cover :p
Love Marks from Trees

The Good Stuff :burnout:
4.0 OHV Bored Over .040 w/ Port and Polish
A4ld TransGo Shift Kit W/ C4 Internals
KKM Open Cone Intake
Bosch Platinum 4 Plugs
Dynomax Cat-Back system
Optima Redtopper

Down The Road
F-250 Shock Towers
WideTrac Waggy d44 swap W/ Leaves
9" or 60 Rear with Detriot
38x14.00x15 Iroks
Half Exo cage w/ sport trac conversion :thumbsup:


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A few more.


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D35 4.56's ordered today! 8.8's coming later in the week hopefully.

nice rig

nice ride there man, I could only wish mine was that big... oh well, at least I finally do have a lift :D Loving those Pro-comp XT's...
keep it up,

nice x u got there there sn0

I may never get tired of seeing pics of your truck stuck in the abyss.

If anyone needs a snorkel its me... see above. Ive thought about it, just never really get around to it. Buts its on my to do list. Thanks all for the response.

new goodies came in the other week, 8.8 and d35 4.56's and master installs. Also new wheel bearings for the 8.8. Will have pics of the d35 stuff later today.

D35 Reverse Cut 4.56's - 105.00 (New :p )
D35 Master O Kit - 90.00
8.8" Yukon 4.56's - 132.00
8.8" Master o Kit - 65.98
8.8" Axle bearing - 18.54
Total - 457.20 (Incl Tax and Ship)


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I love it when parts come. When do you plan to install all of this?

Lots of things in thw works, so just an update of the "plans."

Hopefully by the winter...

Chopped Top with the rest made to fit with a truck bed cap or similar (canvas?)
I need to be able to drive this on the street in the winter so I cant have it open.

Exo Cage/ integrated tire carrier water/fuel/hilft in chopped area.
Tube bumper
d30 hung in place, used to mock up for a d44.

By Next Summer (in time for 11th annv. run)
built d30/44 depending on funds

Im counting on the transmission blowing any day now, and I think the head gasket is leaking (choc milk coolant) IF it does, ill either throw in a manual trans and repair the head gasket, or do the 302 swap (or possibly a 350 or one of the amc v8's).

Im getting a new vehicle ('00 stang gt) this summer for sure, so I can take all the time I need on these projects.

I also have a few small things that Ill do if I ever feel like it.

Rust coat the undercarriage
Repair the rockers and bedline (maybe do the whole thing in bedliner?)
Finish my half doors
Make a new center console out of fiberglass with spots for my iPod, maglight, ka-bar, a few cups, and my gauges/switches.

sounds like your going to be busy for a while, good luck with the transmission

96SportWheelin said:
I could only wish mine was that big... oh well

I just re-read and saw this


Like the truck sno, but I nhave a question and seeing your truck you will definitly be able to answer this.

Im currently looking for a explorer stly such as yours, and looking for 33' possible 35" how much room do you have for the 33' as far as travel when you wheel? can you fit a 35'. Im asking this so I can estimate the amount of lift I will need depending on my decision on tire size.


I could fit a 37, which im doing very soon. With just a 6" lift you should be able to clear 35's.

I've got 5.5" of lift on my truck on 33's with no problems (except for the offset) and I could probably tuck 35's under with just minor trimming. Rim size and offset will make a big difference when it comes to rubbing when turning.

I have a 3" body lift and with minor trimming on the inside corners, 33's fit perfect at full lock and full compression.

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