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sn0border88's SAS Thread

WARNING: This swap will be longer than bmxking's :eek:

Thanks to tig for a real steal that I couldnt pass up ($50), it all started with a d44 from a 73' Bronco. This means its drum braked, coil sprung with LP housing complete hub to hub with r/a's.

But, its matching width. :D

Its in great shape as far as EB axles are concerned. It has 3.50's which upon inspection are in PERFECT condition. Not one chip on any of the ring gear teeth. Also the rust isnt too bad, its simply surface rust, nothing damaging. Also most of the bolts so far are coming off very well, only breaking a few. Not bad for 31 years of rust.

So far in the plans are yukon 4.88's with full spool or lincon locker. Disk brake conversion VIA junkyard or broncograveyard, rear XJ 8" lift leafs and heimjointed crossover. To complete the swap ill be getting new cromo shafts front and rear with a new 5on5.5 bolt pattern for the 8.8 and 4.88's with a detriot. Also rounding it out are some new rubbers, either 35" boggers or MT/R's on 5on5.5 steelies/beadlocked pending on the DD status upon completion of the project. And, if it is no longer a DD when I finish, the top is coming off. :eek: :thumbsup:

EDIT with final prices

Upon completion it now had a Fullwidth d44/9" with 36" TSL-SX, 5.13 gears spooled rear and many other goodies.

Gears D44/9" 5.13: $150 from PBB
D44 Master Install: $109.99 from PORC on pirate
9" Master Install: $89.99 from PORC on pirate
D44 Carrier: $60 Ebay
9" Spool: $129.99 from PORC on pirate
1976 f-150 Highpinion Drum Brake D44 : $85 from Junkyard
D44 Disk Brake Outers: $50 from Junkyard
1978 F-150 9": $50 from Junkyard
5 on 5.5 Rims: $20 from Junkyard
4 36x12.5x15 TSL-SX: $ 250 from Pragon Board
1 36x12.5x15 TSL Radial: $18 from Junkyard
Shocks: $100 from Jeff Daniels Jeeps
D44 Spring Perch: $20 Jeff Daniels Jeeps
U-Bolts (Custom) : $30 from local u-bolt shop
Brake Pads/Caliper: $31.77 National Auto
Leaf Spring Hardware: $48 Jeff Daniels Jeeps
Replacement A4LD: $65 Junkyard
Conversion U-Joint: $25 National Auto
Extend Brakelines: $73 from local brakeline shop
Steel: $56

Without what I paid those who helped, plus the gear installs I have about 1,500 into this.

Scrapping the TTB: PRICELESS


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How does it ride?

I ask cauz the ES1000's I'm using are too stiff -- its fine for going slow but going over speed bumps in my neighborhood is difficult.

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well, its one step above riding like @ss, and a notch below riding a wooden cart. Honestly, I drove it 1/4 mile to the shop with no shocks on, very scary ride at 35 mph (I think, thats what the speedo told me but I know its off) I drove it home with the front shocks on and I made it to 45 without crying. So I guess its helps? Its the unblalance driveshaft, bent leaf spring and 36" TSL-SX's that kll the ride quality. :D

Looking good. I suppose I forgot to call again today. You gotta call me cause I keep forgetting

LOL sorry I'm confused, I assumed those pics are of the rear shocks.. cauz thats what I'm using the ES1000s for. Sorry if I'm mistaken :D

I was a bit confused when you asked about front shocks as well. Im doing the rear later, I want to trya nd get 63" chevys before I do that.

Finally got some more work done...


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Bump stops are in as well

Excuse the welds, I had quite a gap to fill.

And I KNOW MY DRIVESHAFT IS BLUE :p: fawkers. It was the only thing I had to prevent it from rusting and I didnt feel like getting more black. So its blue now.


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Good googaly moogaly... those bumpstops really ARE huge! Are you going to have any uptravel at all with those? :p: :D

I would brace that front x-member with some flat steel triangles like this |\___/| otherwise it looks pretty good. Are you going to get highsteer at some point? Any plans for a front bumper?

what front x member? The shackle hanger isnt going anywhere... trust me.

highsteer and bumper and both in the plans, if only I was rich. Ill be starting to make a bumper soon.

Spas... the bumpstops acually work perfect on the pass side, the drivers side needs the bottom lope trimmed off.

Ok, cookies to whoever can tell me what model this new badge came off of.


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I guess it wasnt as hard as I thought it would be then. Your right.


Theres your cookie :D

ur axles need breather tubes...

it on the to do list. But I like choc milk gear oil.

The rear has one!

i think it is stic-o that got some pretty sweet breathers for his axles. you might want to check those out. its the route i'm going to take. they are made for an atv, and work like an accordian(sp) as the air expands and condenses

you do realize a breather is just rubber tube I think ill grab one at a junkyard and call it good.

Yeah... but cmon.. you know you want a blingin breather to make your axle a sealed assembly and not have to worry about "chocolate milk".

when the milk goes sour(accumulate alot of mud) it turn to thick ass pudding....

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Micah, we stock a ton of tube here at work, I'll just grab a few feet of it to bring with me next weekend instead of you using some ratty old tube that's going to be too short anyway, ok? Btw, My 44 was missing the stupid breather tube neck/mount and I had to ghetto rig an IRS Explorer's breather tube mount to work. Do you want one?