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Sn0border88's SAS'ed

Heh, I finally can post in the registry. :D

Heres the nitty on Emily

D44 Front:
Fullwidth 76 f-150 drum brake high pinion D44.
Converted to disks with 79 f-150 flattop outers.
5.13 Yukon gears open carrier
Warn manual hubs
GLO diff cover, 1/2" plate and stuff.

9" Rear:
Fullwidth 78' F-150 9"
5.13 Yukons with richmond 31 spline spool.

36x12.5x15 TSL-SX
Stock wagoneer leaf spring over in front, stock explorer spring over rear.
Superlift 5.5" lift extended lines, extended an extra 16".
Shackle foreward
F-150 tierod, reversed explorer drag link with no modifications needed.

It isnt the prettiest or the most high dollar rig around, but if my driving performs as well as it flexes im sure I can hold my own with anyone out there.

Total cost 2048.74 (Yes, im a nerd an kept an excel sheet to see how much money I wasted)







your truck and mine are totally different, so you really cant compare.

i was just saying its possible to be big and still be ok on the street.


this is the kind of lift i wanna do to my 96 can you give me lots of info on how you did this leaf spring brackets ,placements mesurements any info would be good . im kinda new and learning . i was just gonna take the front end off of a jeep yj and make it fit .

well, you can either do it shackles in front or in rear, I did in front. Most guys go in rear because it will drive better on street.

With my axle I needed to outboard the springs from the frame a bit so the spring perch wouldnt be ontop of the differential, its a little on the side of it now.

read through my SAS thread, theres lots of good info in there. Lots of pics too around page 9 I believe.

Spas has a 2nd gen on leafs so hers may be more helpful to you, but for the most part our trucks design is the same.