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SNJ's Rig (full build progress thread)

well obviously im a good candidate for a computer relocate.

i wasnt about to touch the harness, so i figured id go ahead with the flip it around behind the glove box method, but i really wasnt willing to part with my glove box, so i decided to compromise and build a new mini glove box.

I used the original computer bracket to mount the comp to the hvac box.the glove box was basically got the middle cut out of it and both ends put back together so that it'd clear the computer



now all i havr to do is remember that the bottom of the dash is my water limit

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alright for anyone who does a gauge cluster swap, or makes a hybrid bastrd cluster like i did remeber what the lights are suposed to do.

i had an antitheft and abs light on.... with no break light on, wich confused me untill i started to pull the cluster and realized that my antitheft light is infact my brake light... wich i aparently fogot within the last year of not driving the truck

also got justins old bumper mounted up as i wanted to make sure it cleared the cooler array i have going on up there. its a *****in hunk of metal and im happy to get the honor of rolin around with it

also got the new rear plate mount and light set up on the rear gate. just for the record snaking a wire down the side of the hatch sucks

Now you need to get this damn back bumper on and viola! I'll have tow points to pull your ass out much faster next time :D

glad to know that my bumper is being used again, if u need a hand give me a shout if i am not working i am willing to help

i work sporadically around the two job schedule and playing with the woofies
hit me up in a pm with your digits and ill give ya a ring if i need somethin

i rigged my lights on to it, but i forgot to get the plate mount on there, so i still gotta do that

and i had tow points front and rear... they just so happen to be not the most convienient ones, so i have receiver shackles for both ends now

but i hope that it is less likely to get stuck now with the not going to be stock any longer thing....

stuff is still slowly floating in... time is really scarce though.... im on pace for 81 paid hours this week...

got a few more boxes today and i want to take a moment to acknowledge the crew at rocky mountain suspension. ive talked to them a few times in the past couple of weeks and they've all been great to me, even pulling a super runner steering kit out of thin air for me, as i know their still on back order.:thumbsup:

wow came up to pee and justr realized its like almost 5... where the hell did today go

oh well, while im here.... dun need this no more :D


Misin more stuff

and one for explornj


A hover Explorer!!! I need one of them!!!

i havent said all that much as to what the plan is here.... but i guess the cats gotta come out of the bag eventually



honestly theres no way....
i had 2 days off because i was politely told to go work on the truck as no one wanted to listen to me anymore...

next real day off anticipated in 2 weeks...

its tecnically the 5.5"-6" stage 1.5, wich is the front half of a stage 3 kit

they have just the stage 3 listed under new products... the stage 1.5 is in the print catalog

started tonight with a little of this....

and ended with a little of this...

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Can you give me a little advise on painting my truck Camouflage? Did you use masking tape or did you do it free hand? What was the order of colors?