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SNJ's Rig (full build progress thread)

Can you give me a little advise on painting my truck Camouflage? Did you use masking tape or did you do it free hand? What was the order of colors?

I did the whole thing in green first, then went over it in the black and brown. both other colors were done freehand while referencing a couple of pictures and drawings of "real" patterns to try and give it a more realistic feel. just kinda played around untill i was happy with it.


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im aparently behind a wee bit here

i had done this:

wich is for this:

i got this from spas:

then these showed up:

and then today i did this:

my old man came down and hleped me set the gears up. he hasnt done a set of gears since like 87, and i did a mock teardown and install of a 9" once. between the 2 of us despite the lack of math skills between us we got it all shimed up and im happy with the patern. i know he reads this stuff so im gonna drop him a shout out here cus i woukldnt have gotten it dialed in without him.
since i know someone is gonna ask i went with the 4.88s shes still a driver, so i think thatll be perfect for what i want to do with her.

wich is awating this:

but i got held up in that install by P&A sending me the wrong axle seals, and then realizing both wheel cyls are in pretty bad shape, so all that needs to be adressed before i get the aussie in.

Yes im still alive....


although i seem to have a few problems.... one in relation of the lack of height in my celing versus the amount of droop my rear suspension seems to have.... ill pull the roof bars off and jack it up till it hits the door, i should (hopefully) be able to gwet the shackles in that way.... no clue how im getin her out of the door when the time comes at this point though.... its gonna be tight, may have to roll out on stock wheels or somethin....

and also im aware that the shocks that are hanging there dont apear to be even close in length... those are left there from pre soa and a set of springs ago. i honestly have no idea what the lift height for the rear is gonna be at, so well sort that out once it rolls

the drivers side perch seems mad close to the gas tank, but im asuming thatll sort itself out once the shackles are in

i also royally f'd up and blew the shackle bushing sleeves out of the frame.... so now i have nothing to put the replacements i got from energy suspension in.... my old mans gonna try and turn a replacement set on the lathe so we'll see how that goes

put your shackles in once you get it outside... it will make it 4-6 inches lower and should get you out. BTW...a small bottle jack between the leaf and frame will help alot...

took the roof rack off, and picked it up from the bumpers with the engine hoist as high as i could with still being able to get the garage door open... should be good now


mmm lake christy presents....
im assuming its from lake christy... could be genuine nj pine barrens muck but i figure christys much more likely

hmm how soon till its back on the road?lol,im lookin at a lifted 2dr and a lifted 4dr right now

meh, as always itll be done when its done

fn d35s bein a capital B-to-the-itch to get to come apart


found a crack i hadnt noticed in the pass side beam though. need to weld that bad boy up

Fixed the beam...



the old man got the sleves he made for the rear bushings in...


and the rear of the truck is actually siting on its own weight for the first time since i cant remember...

the shocks are 2" over stocks. i have no idea where the ride heights gonna be or if the shackles are staying, so those are just in there for now. i have a hunch it might be way high with that spring shackle combo..

started to set the front r+p up, gonna take the housing to work tomorow so i can better set the preload for the pinion before i go any further with that.

i got the front carier set upt this afternoon. i must say the dial indicator in the bolt hole was a little weird, but i guess thats what hapens with an aluminum housing


got the beams arms and whatnot in the front today as well

and its actually siting on its own weight on all 4 corners! this is like a serious moral victory here for me.

the springs and shackles in the rear seem to net a difference of about 4" more lift in the rear then the front. i kinda want to err on the side of high in the rear, but thats a bit much. think im going to try these springs with a shorter shackle and see how it does.

very sweet progress =D wut part of nj you from? if you close enuff ill consider swingin by and takin a real life look and maybe throw a helpin hand =p

how many inch drop are the axle pivot brackets? 4 or 5?

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clearanced for snap rings, clearanced center slip joint yolk, and atached ring for c-clip eliminator