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SNJ's Rig (full build progress thread)

looks great,good to see it back on the road jay,good luck with it,no more lakes,lol,i just picked up another explorer,but imma use it for parts for the other one,then maybe take it out

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Lets see those sliders! Nice ex!


here ya go

well you asked...
havent gotten a chance to get em on yet :p:
either have had somethin to do, or had some issue at work preventin me from workin on em since last saturday

i dont know if any of you remember the start of this project but it started with towing the 94 explorer to a bodyshop belonging to Artie Leidenfrost in saddlebrook.

It was there that i was alowed to keep the truck, and have use of all the tools available. Artie also was the one who brought my attention to the 91 truck that the 94 merged with, and then allowed me to store the 94 untill it ultimately dissapeared. All i had to do was bring a couple of Mike's down for him.

This past Saturday Artie was killed in a plane crash. Hes know me my whole life, and i have to question if id be doing this for a living or if munk ever would have existed without his help when i was getting started.

Rest in Peace Artie, you will be missed.

sorry for your lose

sorry for your lose

brought the truck to work today, after the ####er decided it dint feel like startin this am. guess i need to drive it more...

decided where i wanted the sliders, start tackin the pass side up, and bam... im out of wire....

so now im sitin here waitin for dad to rescue my but with a roll to finish tackin this side so i can get all the stands out from under it and get it home.

i was kinda faced with breakin the welds i have off, or finishing

hopefully ill get some wire tomorow and continue tomorow night...

forgot the damn camera too...

Just one of those days, man... walked around the junk yard for an hour before we figured out what to pull off of where.. and then they sound the "time to get the hell out" alarm. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day, lol.

atleast im not the only one,. although its been one of those.... idk whiles it seems as of late....

anyways, important stuff....

i have the right one tacked on with 2 legs atm.

old man hoped on the sportster and ran down a spool and a tip.

i was havin some problems getin the welder dialed in, so i let him try to run some and he was havin probs with the welder behavin too.

i think im gonna get these all tacked together then run em down the street to Engeneered Devices Co. and have one of the guys there weld em up permenantly. im not happy enough with what i got to rely on it.

while im at it this slider "kit" came with 6 legs, 3 per side, and of corse we have a body mount smack dab in the middle. im unsire if i should cheat the 3rd leg for or aft of the mount, or go all out and come up with another 2 and do 4 per side... thoughts?

Mine only have three per side and the middle one isn't in the same place on either side (Driver side would have interfered with the trans X-member). They seem to have held up fine for a few years now...

i know alot of ppl are just runing 3, but for soem od reason i cant find a pic of the midle mounts at this particular second (ill find one eventually, ive seen em b4)

alright, good news and potential bad news

good news in i have one slider on, and the other started




bad news is the trans started shifting funny yestarday. found the fluid to be low, no signs of leaks, put some fluid in it... stick was bein weird, wasnt really showin what i added, wound up over filled, shifting funny but burping out the breather.

took some fluid out, set the level right, and let it run for hours today, no leaks

get home tongith about 20 minutes ago, leaking from up by the bell housing it seems, but i couldnt really see.....

kinda getin a bad feeling about it though.... like this trans is gona wind up comin out

front pump seal!!!!

thats what i was thinkin. just really suprised it didnt leak with the truck running in park for 6 hours.

mine didnt leak a whole lot when it first started. it just seemed to drip back down the bellhousing and to the bottom of the pan. I would get some drops on the driveway from the nub on the pan. Huge PITA to switch it out and it seems to be a crap shoot to get it to ever seal correctly, although mine sealed up perfectly.

The sliders look good. Do you plan on gusseting the top of the support tubes to the frame?

well its not the front pump seal... it aparently is throwing up from the breather (relocated to upper firewall) and dipstick tube...

any ideas????

on a better note the other sliders on. dad brought some whitecastle down the shop and we laid the rest of the welds.

aparently the outlet i was in wont alow the welder to pull enough juice. ran a big cord to the other side of the shop and were good to go

there are some little gusets in there, its what came with the trail gear kit, we'll see what happens... i think imma add one to the passender front atleast, as i may have put the middle bar to far back.

one of the mount setups. this is the drivers side rearmost one

the old man cant see, is all arthritic, but still lays a good bead

Seeing these sliders makes me want to order them even more. What length did you end up ordering?

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i got the 67" theyre like a perfect fit for me as i have less then 70 inches of rocker left after the fender modifications

i think im gonna add a 4th leg to both sides. make me feel better

well, i refuse to write this trans off untill i have to. we were brainstorming tonight about it, and pj sugested i try bypasing the radiator, maby theres a restriction somewhere. the coolers were luke warm, but way to cold for the temp the trans was at, so now im just running through the temp gauge and both auxilary coolers. took her home via 95 for a few miles and she seems to be behaving better. keep your fingers crossed and ill keep ya posted