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snorkel is done


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June 17, 2003
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94 XLT,75 FJ, 05 Cummins
Well i finally finished my snorkel.I would have to say that it was a b@#ch.Its hard to get the courage up to cut a hole in a perfectly good fender and inner fender not to include the air box.I took the kkm out i really didnt want to take it out but i couldnt think of anyway to use it with the snorkel and make it fit under the hood. My snorkel doesnt go that high up i sits about a foot above the fender but i think it looks bad as hell and everbody checks it out on the road its great.I have pics but not sure how to get them up on the site so your help would be greatly appreciated.

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how to post pic

u r going to need to put ure pic on a website and then right click on it, go to properties and then copy the url and click on the img button on the reply area and paste it in. if you don't have a site to post it on, just email me the pic, and i'll put it up for u, just pm me and tell me ure sending it to me so i know to check my email.

I just replied to your origional post about your snorkel. So where are these pics? I am dying to see them. I have seen a snorkel on a 95 and above but not a first Gen Ex. Please post as soon as possible!! :D

pictures! pictures! pictures!, cant wait for the pics lol

Or post a link to your cardomain page even.

Hey brett i did this before was elite. I will look threw my pics and see what can find And post them.

faster please ;)

well i couldnt find any pics but i pulled out the camera and took a few pics for ya. The tubing is electrical conduit and flexible (waterproof) tubing. I mounted the snorkel with a big exhaust clamp.The seal on the fender is vacumm hose split down the middle. Notice in the pic how i had to trim a little from the box cover. To get it to fit snug due to the new tubing comming in the box. You will need a new filter Like a k&n cause it has to bend where the new tubing comes into the box. A cotton filter does not make a good seal.The box is totally sealed. Its not a hard job at all just have to have a creative eye. The hardest part is cutting the inner part of the fender out. And when cutting the outer part of your fender start small and keep test fitting till its right. Took me 2 days could easily be done in 1 day. I did mine in a navy hobby shop and had to quit due to the shop hours. Also here is another tease on what im doing now :D . The first pic is the reason why i did my snorkel its way deeper than that I just backed in that far. when i finally got my snorkel done and went threw the whole thing water came up to the bottom of my windshield. I made it threw but will never do it again :confused:


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and more


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and more


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And a little tease.


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Sweet job on the snorkle. How much did it cost you total???

The whole setup was around 100 bucks give or take a few. Sorry if i dont remember everything. But this post is over 2 years old so i dont remember every detail. But thanks for bringin it out of retirement. :D.

lol i didnt even know it was 2 years old. definetly looks good. work well?

works great If you look at my filter you can see alot of gunk in it mostly bugs. I definitely clean it more often.

that is really cool

tis very clean :thumbsup:

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Two questions;

1. Does it cause any blind spots?
2. Does it slow performance?