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December 10, 2012
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Palm harbor, florida
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2003 ford explorer sport
I was wondering if anyone has already built a snorkel for a 03 st? I go mudding quite frequently and i want to modify the intake system to allow further travel under water. Open to any sugestions. Right now the only thinh i have in mind is pvc. Thanks

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John Rock made one out of pvc but that's the only one I can remember on a Sport Trac. Many have done them on the other Explorers though and you should be able to find plenty off info about those through the search.

A problem I've seen with them is that if you're in deep enough water to need one, you're going to drown your computer behind the glove box.

Mine started flooding about half way up the front bumper my air box has a huge hole in it

I agree with the idea of adding a snorkel and assume I'll end up with one eventually. My point was that if you are in a spot that needs a snorkel, you better go ahead and plan to have the computer moved. You may prevent hydrolocking your engine only to fry the computer and just trade one problem for another. IMO, the two projects need to be done together unless you just want a snorkel because it looks cool (which obviously isn't your situation).

Yea ill figure it out im gna put the body lif on first because i bottom out so fast the only thing i dont like about this truck is stock u hit frame way to fast