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Snow in Nashville?


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November 30, 2005
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Nashville, Tenn
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2000 XLT
We got about 3 inches of snow where im at in tennessee on friday night. which made for some fun driving on the streets and plenty of opportunitys for donuts in the parking lots! i have a few pics of my ex in the snow, bad quality because all i had was my cell phone.

blue tinted headlights


it was a fun night...until i got a flat on the interstate at midnight...and had to change it in the slush...

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x those hids on ur x

Dang, doing work in the slush is never fun:(

x those hids on ur x

nope...just really bright blue tinted Piaa bulbs. just a bit brighter than normal headlights, an i really dig the blue look at night.

Dang, doing work in the slush is never fun:(

yea, not too fun. worst part was i didnt have my good jack with i had to use the bottle jack. which required laying in the slush and hand cranking the little hootus looking thing. then i dropped a lugnut under the car...had to crawl under to get it....(insert lots of swear words here)...but i got it done in 20 minutes and didnt get hit by the sanding trucks...although one did spray rock salt and it hit me in the head....:thumbdwn: