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Snow Sound Through Speakers


March 24, 2000
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Deatsville AL
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93 Ranger XLT
Need a little tech advice. I just installed a CD head unit, amp and subwoofers in my 91 EB. I bypassed the factory amp. I am not running any wiring though the factory amp whatsoever. My problem is, when I turn the volume down low, I hear so, similar to the sound you would here on your TV. Could I have a bad ground somewhere? Perhaps a ground that could be better connected? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

91 Explorer, Eddie Bauer 4X4

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Do the RCA plug cables that feed signal to your amp have a small ground wire on them?
Using regular conn cables might work OK, but try to get the kind that have the 3rd ground wire. Attach that wire to the same location that you ground the head and amp on each end.
Hope this helps...

'91 Explorer XLT 4WD

If you didn't ground them in the same place it shouldn't cause snow, if anything it would cause a ground loop (whine that gets louder as you accelerate). But that is still good advice for anyone who has a whining stereo. As for fixing the snow, it may be the speaker wires. Make sure they have a good connection on both ends. If you have cheap speaker wire you will always have noise (or snow), but even then it shouldn't be heard over the music. Try the connections, if that doesn't work let me know and I'll think of something else.

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91 Explorer XLT
4.0L OHV V6

Well, I thought I used quality wire. It wasn't the normal speaker wire that comes with speakers. I'll check all connections and mess around with a little bit more. Fortunately, the snow can't be heard over the music, just at low volume. Thanks for all the assistance.

SH in CA

What kind of amplifier did you use? Does it use RCA inputs or "line level" inputs? The normal cause for "snow" or "hiss" from a speaker is the amplifier (or source). Many "cheaper" car amplifiers will cause this noise no matter what the volume, you just don't hear it until you turn down the source material. If you disconnect your inputs to the amplifier and leave the speakers connected and you still hear the noise, then the problem lies with the amp (some amps are just plain noisy). If the noise goes away, then it is a problem with the head unit.


1997 Eddie Bauer 4x4 4.0L SOHC

I am running a Jensen amp which is about 6 year old. I disconnected the amp and can still here snow thought the factory speakers, although not as pronounced (not amplified). I am thinking the source of the problem may be the head unit. It is wired directly into the factory connections using a wiring harness. I don't know what else to do but live with it for now. Thanks

91 Explorer, Eddie Bauer 4X4

You said you bypassed the factory amp (was it seperate?) but used the stock wiring harness to feed your stock speakers. If the stock amp is still feeding your speakers (as well as the new amp) you will most likely get more noise in the system. I can't see how you can use the stock wiring and speakers w/ a new seperate head and amp. You may need to double check some connections. Good luck

John '95 XLT

Actually, I misstated my original input when I said I by passed the factory amp. What I did was disconnect the factory amp, clipped the speaker wires from the wiring harness and ran new wires up to the head unit. The factory amp is disconnected by both ends (under dash and behind the paneling). Last night, I disconnected my amp and I still have to low level snow/hiss through the factory speakers, though not as pronounced. Anymore suggested as appreciated. Thanks guys!!

Sorry to hear that (pun intended!!). I had the same problem in my Camaro until I upgraded to an Alpine head, Sony EQ and crossover, and Kicker amps and speakers - oooohhh soooo nice...

Now I am contemplating putting that system in my Explorer...


1997 Eddie Bauer 4x4 4.0L SOHC