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Snowball 94 Limited

Hey I'm a long time reader and Just bought my first X Wednesday I love it.

She's a 1994 Limited.Named her Snowball (Sry If someone already had this name) I paid $1500 for her. She got a new Thermostat 2hrs after I bought her cause it locked up on me and over heated in the middle of the road. Her primary duty is going to be as a daily driver/Photography vehicle. I am an avid amateur photographer.

The day after I got her I took her out on her first photo Journey.
Here's some pics.


She is replacing the 1989 Ranger my parents let me drive till I found my own and just like the Ranger I couldn't keep her on the pavement for long.


I also found a mound of gravel and flexed the suspension a bit.


Her primary purpose will be to get me to college and back and do a little off-roading. She does have some problem but what 16yr old vehicle doesn't. I will eventually get some kind of lift but first is New/Used tires and a MAF.

Leave your opinions did I make a good purchase? What Kind of lift should I get it need to be cheap cause most of my money will be going to School.​

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Last month I did my front motors replacing the nylon bushings. Now I have 4 working windows, this would be a first in my 3 years ownership.

One of my first projects was making sure all the windows worked since the A/C didn't work. If I remember right half the switches didn't even work so I had to replace all them plus the bushing in atleast 2 of them. I think there is only one window motor that I haven't rebuilt now. The passenger front one I've had apart 3 times now.

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Added Christmas light to the rig to make it more festive and because it was a fun project.
I did a write up on how to convert 120v lights to 12v just after Christmas last year. Link.

I've got all of about 3$ invested in this project. Only thing's I actually had to buy was the lights and I bought them on sale after last Christmas. The rest was leftover stuff from other projects.

I wired them up using a relay that I trigger by the ground wire instead of the positive like normal to help cut down on the length of wire and to simplify the wiring.

Well enough boring stuff here's the pics.



Here's where I installed the relay. The wiring isn't pretty but it functions and it'll only be there for a month anyways.

Haven't had much time to do much to the rig this break between work and family stuff but I did get a few things for the truck for Christmas.

My GF got me a set of seatcovers for the front seats to replace to wore out Ebay specials I had. They are the Cabelas Trail Gear covers and are much better than the old ones plus they have storage pockets in the back so I can keep things a little more organized.



Also used some 9mm casings to add a little personal touch to the interior as the lock buttons. I polished them up and coated them in lacker to keep them shiny then used a little black silicone to attach them to the stock ones. Then I used a dremel to just slightly enlarge the hole in the door panel so when locked the ould recess in the panel.
Here they are after coating them with lacquer. I don't have an installed pic yet but I'll get one soon.

Here is a pic of the lock button on the driver door. The others are very similar so I didn't bother taking pictures.


I had to trim the rear ones, both the button and some of the threads off the rod, to get them to sit how I wanted.

I like the lock rod mod. I might have to copy this.

If I was to do this over I'd try to find some 38 special brass to use as the diameter is a little smaller and the cas is longer so it shouldn't require as much work long as they'll slip over the stock one. All I had was 9mm so I made it work.

We'll we got hammer with some suprise snow here so I got to take the ex out and play a little in it. Only had a few issue main was that the snow caught us off guard so the roads weren't treated so it was pretty slick out. I also wasn't able to get into 4low. When I pressed the button for high it did as it was suppose to but when I put it in nuetral with foot on the break and tried to shift into low nothing happened. I'm thinking it's the dash switch so I'm gonna swap that out and give it a try.

And as usual I've had a streak of luck and haven't had any engine issues in a while so of course last sat while I was headed out to pull-a-part in the snow the light comes on. I pulled over and ran the codes and got
  • *332#
    EGR did not open/respond during test or if memory code, did not open intermittently - EVR or PFE#
  • *335
    EGR feedback signal is/was out of range - EVR or PFE
  • 336#
    PFE sensor signal is/was was high - ">PFE
  • *326#
    Pressure Feedback EGR shows low pressure EGR not seating or not seating intermittently - PFE

So it looks like the DPFE is out again. I just replace the original a little over a year ago with a Standard Motors part from RockAuto. I would have thought that since the original lasted almost 20yrs this one would have lasted at least half that.
It does have warranty so I'm gonna call them up and see what we can do about this.

I was gonna pull one from the yard since I was already headed there but out of all the first gens I could only find one and it didn't look in good shape so I just left it.

I did get some other odds and ends I need for a few projects.
I grabbed 4 key pads to add to my vehicle using the write up one of the Bandit guys posted.(Not sure how I ended up with 4 as I thought I only got 2 so if anyone needs one let me know).
Also grabbed and auto dim mirror just in case something happens to mine or I get another Explorer. And the door handle someone already took off so I threw in the bucket figuring I'll need it some day.

I also picked up the bracket for the long console I have so come this spring/summer I can install it.

I replaced the DPFE Sensor last weekend with a BWD unit that has a lifetime warranty since Standard Motor's part only had a 1yr warranty, I had to call around to several different places just to figure it out and once I got to someone that knew the length they pretty much told me tough luck even thought it had only been 2 months since the warranty ran out. Needless to say I won't be buying any more of their products.

After replacing it with the BWD part(Which I have little faith in since it looks exactly like the one it replaced and had the same numbers on the QC sticker) it ran great and I had no CEL all week. But just an hour ago it cam back on. Ran the codes and I've got the same codes I posted above but now instead of the 336 code I have 337. I cleared them and I'm hoping it was just a fluke, if it's not I'm gonna start by warrantying the DPFE. If that doesn't work I guess I'm looking at the EVR next unless someone had another Idea?

But in good news for the rig I got my new headlights in the mail today but like everything else lately one of them had the parts for the adjuster busted so gotta contact the seller and figure out if they wanna swap it or give me a discount on it.

My girl also got me a set of mudflaps for the rig so the rigs gonna get a mini makeover outside.

Been a while since I've update and I've been doing a little tinkering on the rig here and there.

I still have not resolved the CEL issue as I haven't had the money to get the replacement part but hopefully this Friday I will be able to get it replaced. The CEL has been staying off for longer periods of time so hopefully this will solve it for a while.

I did get the new headlight installed about a month ago and they made a world of difference in the nighttime driving. I ran them for a week with the bulbs that came with them and they were crap so I replaced them with the set of sylavia's that were in the old ones.

The low beam pattern is a bit different but not bad and the highs are great so all around for the price I'm happy.

I do want to get a set of silver stars eventually but other things take precedence.

Now on to the bad little over a week ago I got in the rig to head home while it was down pouring outside only to find out it was almost just as bad inside the rig. The windshield is leaking from directly above the rear view mirror. Luckily when I had it installed through insurance a few years ago it cam with a lifetime warranty. I was gonna have them fix it last Friday but Exams got in the way so I'm calling tomorrow to set up an appointment for this Friday to get it take care of.

Hopefully on Friday I'll also have tome to treat her to an oil change also.

Subscribing really like how your truck looks I always liked the of the limited trucks.
I really like how much lighting you have on it.

Heck around here their is only 1 first gen explorer in the junkyard and it is an XL. I probably should have grabbed the grille and headlight surrounds since they were black but I had decided to stay chrome.

If I could find a limited grille I would tottaly paint it the same color as mine white with the mesh behind like the OP has but in black.

Just some advice if you are tired of rocks chipping your hood paint then why don't you put a bug deflector on it? I have one on my F150 and have one that I will be putting on the explorer.

For the stone chips, check out ALSA, a paint company that makes tons of products, including wrap(vinyl), in any imaginable color/chrome/flipflop etc.

They have spray cans which can be used for small jobs like wheels or the front grille etc. They have many sales per year, at 25-75% off, so find the product you like, and subscribe to get the emails. Buy what you need on sale.

They have sprays and wraps which are not permanent, perfect for protecting a hood/grille/bumper, long term or for a long trip etc.

BTW, I still have my old Limited grille, but it's got another flaw, I dropped something on it and broke a chip out of it. I need to repair it and get it a new home.

I've seen a few Limiteds in the yard but they hardly ever have the grill.

As for the hood I was looking for a bug deflector to protect it and could never find one at a price I was willing to pay so I just bedlined it then painted it with duplicolor color match paint. I might go back and fix it up a bit later but for now it's fine.

Had to do a little work on the rig today both front windows decided to act up. The passanger side somehow the motor broke the center rod that aligns the gears and was locking up while trying to roll it up. I replaced the motor with the old one that I replaced while hunting down the last issue which turned out to be the corroded circuit boards. Solved that problem but it's still a little slow moving so I'll look into it more later.
The driver side window decided to get stuck in the down position and wouldn't roll up about an hour ago when I tried. So I broke out the extension cords and lights and opened up the door and found that the motor and the gears in the track had some how locked up. I had to take one of the bolts to the motor and just barely screw it in the give the end of my extension a solid smack to knock it out. I inspected the gears and found nothing wrong so I reassembled it and ran the window up and down a few times to make sure it was good. From start to finish it took me all of twenty minutes. You can tell I've done this a few times lol.

Hopefully that will be the last of my window problems for awhile. Also got the windshield people scheduled to come out next Wednesday guess right now is a busy time for them.

Only the sport models had the black grille and headlight trim. A solution is to paint the chrome-like one black. I've seen that done on here. It's just an idea since your selection is limited where you're at.

If I do anything to the grille on my truck I am painting the inside part black or getting a billet grille. I don't really like painting chrome grilles just doesn't come out nice in my opinion. Thanks for your recommendation though.

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