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I did not have my camera yesterday, I wish I had there was alot of funny stuff to see and hundreds of stuck carsd/trucks.

If I did have my camera I also could have gotten pictures of my friends doing snow angels in their bathing suits, then running back into the hot tub, it got a bit crazy, as it usually does with us later into the night....

I took these today:

This is as far as I can go in that direction (straight into fresh snow)
35" tires, 35" of snow

Snow plow front suspension/bumper/grill

Idea of depth on sides of driveway

Its not a TON of snow, but it is alot of snow for 1.5 days worth of storm, yesterday was a real hoot!! yesterday was also part of the reason I drive a built rig

Not fair .. the east coast is bleh.

Anyone on the west coast (where the snow is at) care to adopt a young, nude me?

Heath those pictures are what its all about! Mine are mostly "the aftermath" hahaha

I didn't see any toppled buildings this storm, so it wasn't "that bad". Last time gas station canopies were tested to the snow load limits lets just say.

My back deck 20 min ago:

Those are the Colorado foothills to the Rockies ( in my view) I work up there...

out front I just shoveled the entire driveway and my back is sore!!! again..

Poor girl, tower is folded down, winterized covers and shes having her snow load tested


I am going straight to PLOW

Snowblower? I am going straight to PLOW

Blower works better 'n a plow IMHO. I've used both, and I've got a 48" blower on the front of my tractor now. It's a little slower than a plow, but it makes live a heckuva lot easier if you have to clear multiple snowfalls before a melt.

Dang, wish we had some of that snow here. It's 36° and raining here...YUCK!!

Man, I missed it. I am moving to Colorado in January. Is this type of snowfall common in Colorado Springs? The winters in SD have sucked the last couple of years. No snow, lots of wind and cold.

February is the "snowiest" month. The Springs gets plenty of snow for sure.
Denver has more sunny days them any other city int he US, we are above the clouds :)

I spent 4 hours today shoveling and using a hoe to break up ice. My parents house is out of propane, and the propane truck could not get up the driveway. With no porpane the house will freeze, the regular plow guy has broken down and so the driveway needed some work. We had to widen it about 2' on one side so the propane truck would stay on asphault instead of snow/mud.

My dad has a tractor and a skid steer loader, but since they are in the barn and the barn is 100' uphill through 4'+ of snow (7800' elevation, foothills) they are going no where.

I have been shoveling snow for a week! What a work out...

tomorrow I am taking the BII up there and we are going to try and reach the firewood piles, also pull my dad's F-250 out, if we don't get it now it may be where it sits until spring.

I will take pics! and yes we got the propane tank filled this afternoon....

I need a plow if these storms keep up!

it was plenty sunny and warm here today too, but it only melts so much!
The neighborhoods are still snow packed and we have not had trash service in like 2 weeks! hahahaha

I say bring it!!

More snow in forecast for Friday...I wouldn't trade this for the world

The local sledding hill near my house, the same hill I used to sled at when I was a kid, had like 500+ people a day over the holiday...its like a free ski area! hahaha you just have to hike back up

these storms came in from the south Jon not from over the rockies like usual
nothing like getting all 4 seasons, exteme style

My word

yesterday they said on Friday we would be getting 2-3" of snow, "a dusting"
I woke up this morning to 10" on my driveway
There is 12-14" on my parents driveway, half of it just blew back onto the driveway.

the plows are broken, trucks are breaking down, there are cars in every ditch, and now they are saying 10-16" today, snow until 6 pm


My friend got stuck in my neighborhood last night going home in a FWD golf, we have not had a plow in my neighborhood in 2 weeks, and my trash service is still not coming this week. I would borrow my dad's truck to take a load of trash to the dump, but his truck is stuck until likely spring time! hahaha
There are Christmas presents that still have not arrived, and just when you see asphalt on the side streets mother nature says I dont think so.....

Skiing anyone?
If I had the $$$ I would be investing in snow mobiles.

I have some pics from the drive in this AM and from the other day trying to reach the firewood = no go, I made it about 4' off the road in my BII, another 100' to go to get to the wood pile, up hill, dirt road covered in 4-6' drifts.
I will be going home early today so I make sure I can make it, this is becming like a snow blog and its only Jan

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410 do you and your neighbor hood have electric heat or do you or some need fuel oil/propane delivered by trucks? Seems they might be snowbound also.