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This is my parents house we are talking about.
their house is like 3000 sq feet and on 23 acres of land, there are 60 houses up here in this community, located in the foothills, 7800 ft elevation 10 miles up in the mountains.

The entire house is propane heat, with firewood backup hahaha
All the houses up here are built this way as far as I know. The city plows the main access road but you are on your own as far as driveways go, the problem now is the private contractor my parents use, well his plow broke last week :) i can make it up and down in the BII, but with 12"+ fresh fallen on top of the slush ice fest we just had, you better hope you are still on the road, you get off to the side and you are el stuck-o

I have used the BII to rescue stranded neighbors before, children and dogs. IN 2002 we got 6' in 30 hours, one neighbor was without power and heat for 3 days before I finally made it up there and picked her up, we made it to a hotel in Denver, I only had a front locker back then and 33's :)

That year my mom was stranded in her house for 7 days before bull dozers finally cleared this neighborhood, and several of them broke down, I hiked up here each day to help her out and feed the horses.
At least this snow has been spread out over a couple of weeks! hahaha but if I dont leave and go home soon I will be stuck up here too....

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pics from my phone from this am, add 6" and you have conditions right now, its still coming down the same

Chains are required on this road, those 3 buses are likely pulled over to install chains.



Wish we had snow, its 62 degrees here and supposed to be 60 tomorrow. Average temps for us this time of year are supposed to be in the low 30's. On average we are also supposed to have had almost 2 feet of snowfall by now, but this year we have had maybe 2 inches. This winter sucks bad here. It is really hurting the ski areas and local businesses that rely on snomobilers and skiers during the winter.

bottom of my parents driveway 30 min ago


no plow = deep and hard to stay on the driveway

wear off? hell no this is what I live for! I may be 33 but snow days kick ass

I always loved playing in the snow with my Navajo.. It was the ice that I just plain hated. Doing 35, sideways, down an Interstate, with traffic, in 4x4.. yea. I remember that one for sure.

I always thought it would be fun to get to go play in snow like that, but I guess after a few weeks of it, the fun wears off ?

Nice picture!

36 years of shoveling snow... a break is nice. yeah the first snowfall is fun to play in, But just one winter without the cold and snow works for me. Besides mud is just as fun!!!!

Although I must say, As all of us in NE. are joking about the "mild" winter we are getting. I will bet my last donut (that was for you JON) we will get hammered late JAN to late FEB with the white stuff. And lots of it!!!!!
And if I am wrong, Then we will get hammered anyway to celebrate the first mild winter in my 36 years living in

Damn, I love the snow.. and miss it so much :( ****ty Utah..

few more pics, these are from before the latest storm


plowed road

Yeah! I'm a big fan of all the snow too. Got a big ego boost off of hauling all types of cars and "suv's" out of ditches and driveways. And i'm just running some 30x9.5 Goodyear silent armor A/T tires. They've been working well though. Never made it to the mountians, unlike 410, but out east those roads were killer. Urban 4wheeling at its' best. :thumbsup:

They say that we might get another bad one in the next week or so, so if you need some help hauling supplies to the mountian folk, I'm down. And the Beast hasn't ever given up on me either. :salute:

I would go out and play but you cannot get out of town today all the roads are closed.

I hope they open by the morning as I work in Cheyenne.


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