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Snow's '99 XLS registry

Hello, My name is Richard. I got a '99 X XLS, 4.0 OHV, 2wd all stock. Got it to replace my '86 Monte Carlo SS (replaced the MC SS with the X because the SS is bad on gas, like 5-7mpg, doing a frame off resto on it later on). I traded a wrecked '93 Miata for the X (which is an insane deal), all I had to pay for was to get the title transferred into Florida (out of state title) and switch tags, still gotta get insurance though.

My plans are simple, clean it up, basic tune (all fluids, plugs, wires, etc.). Its only got 106k miles on it, so theres still alot of life left in it. Got a few sounds I will work out. But I'll will be basicly going for the best mpg (like aldive, RIP), while not going over the budget. So far, its at 21 mpg city (staying under 2k rpms, the calculations were from a Andriod app. called "Fuel log", seems like its about correct.

Heres some current pictures,












I've got a few things to work on under the hood, such as the power steering pump, and the valve cover gaskets, should have it all done this month. Also gotta get new tires, might just get two used front tirs, then buy a new set later on.

Edit: Well, it seems I missed up the fuel log crap, so it gave me the wrong mpg.

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nice x u plan on doing mods to it

Just a few, nothing too big. I want it to look mainly stock, stock tire sizes, maybe change to alumn. rims (black), and a few under hood mpg mods.

Thanks. Just a small question, did the XLS come with auto locking doors (as in it locks all the doors when I put it in drive, or go a certain speed in drive)? I remember my moms old 2nd generation EB having it.

Well, got the plugs done today, and what a b**** it was, tried to do it without lifting the truck, just under hood (drivers side, I went under some, but didn't lift it), the passenger side was MUCH easier, I figured with the AC crap in the way, it would be hard, but when I figured out how to actually get the wire off of the plug (it wouldn't moving when I just pulled it, its like there's a clip in there, when you pull it a certain way it releases, then just pull). Most of them looked bad, not all too gummed up like I thought.

Just got done taking the intake apart, the injectors kinda seem like there leaking, which would cause idle (which it doesnt have) and bad gas mileage, I doubt I'm on the right road for best gas mileage though, seems like either the fuel leveler is either going bad, or gas is somehow leaking out somewhere (maybe injectors, maybe gas lines somewhere, maybe even the filter). Seems like I would put $5. or $10. in the tank (only a few gallons, but still, seems to go really fast, even going under 2k rpms).

Didn't do the best cleaning job on the lower intake, all that gunk and crap was just so hard to get to, even worse, around the injectors , took them off in the end to clean the o-rings (which seem to have a small amount of crap on the sprayers, cleaned them the quickest way I could). Next time around, I'll take my time, like remove all the wires and sensors, and even better, finally replace the stupid valve cover gaskets. I was going to try to do them all yesterday (Saturday), but started too late, and then when I was trying to finish, the it got dark, so it got harder, then the bugs came, which made it 10x harder.

Apareently some kids think its fun to play pretend driveby with a bb gun,
Here is what it looks like,


Nope, they weren't called, because they would basic scare them off, I wanted them to come back. After sitting down the street with Everything off, they didnt show back up. It must be a good bb gun, because in the house, all you heard was the bb's hitting the windows and doors, no pop sounds. I got my shot gun ready though.

I wonder if the glass people can fix it....

sux bro, I would have chased some punks down with my Springfield XD in hand and scared the piss out of some punk kids, I hope they can fix it for ya.Glad to hear no one was shot though. Hopefully you catch them punks!

Thanks, I prolly wont get the windshield replaced this month, I think I will be able to save up some money and get it replaced for like $120. +/- from a pro..

Decided to do a couple things on my days off. Painted the drivers and passneger side doors (around the windows, they were faded), put some more Mothers trim restorer on the faded trim (this will be like the 2nd or 4th time, maybe it just doesnt work for me), painting the roof racks and brackets, and taking those step/nerf bars off, repaint them, and maybe put them back on. I didnt notice they were that heavy till I picked them up, maybe I'll keep them off for awhile, even though I use them. Heres some pictures of it right now:


Still do this day, I have not filled the tank up completely, so I will not know the exact mpg till I do.

Decided to repaint the crappy faded trim. I've tried to use the Mothers trim restorer, it works, looks great, but within a day or two it looks like crap, and after is rains, it looks like it just runs off, you will even see white marks where the trim restorer crap just leave the residue.

I used Krylon Fusion gloss black, for the steel bumper, and the plastic, all looks GREAT! I'm debating on whether or not to paint some interior pieces, just to keep myself busy.




To be honest, I thought it would look horrible, but it turned out perfect, the double sided tape is coming off of some trim parts, no big deal, not real noticeable, no problem. I love the way the rear end looks, never was a fan of the crappy plastic front bumper (that breaks way to easily, the bumper support is even plastic). I plan to get a decent shape front bumper off a Limited or something.

Be honest, what do you think, you like it?