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So. Cal. Meet and Greet Nov. 8th '08


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...Any and all newbies in the So. Cal. area can come out and let's meet and greet..(and the local regulars too)...:D

...I am thinking of doing this in the O.C. area...We can get together for just a meet and greet, or an easy day run, or a overnite of camping, on about the weekend of 11/07/08...:scratch:

...If you guys are interested, let's here it...This will just be a calm get together and we can discuss trucks and whatever..:dunno:

...Allright, I figured this one out...This first one will be somewhat easy for all to get to...This will be an optional camping trip for those who want to stay and just a Meet and Greet for those who can't...

Meeting Place

..We will meet at 9:30 a.m. Saturday the 8th at the Mobil station located at 15960 Los Serranos, Chino Hills, Ca. 91709....(directly off the 71 highway/freeway at Soquel Canyon Rd)...


From the Mobil station we will head up to the old historic cattle ranch now known as Chino Hills State Park...(a small bit of info with pics)...

...Saturday afternoon dinner at Los Primos....

...Anyone wanting to also camp friday night let me know...

....Friday night and saturday night I will be camping with all who want to come...Saturday we can show off the trucks, talk shop, go hiking, or whatever...The place will be off the 71/91 to the 71/Soquel Canyon rd....Handicap accessible and paved parking at the campsites...Free modern showers and restrooms...

...I also have some new video's given to me from Primedia for us to watch...Top Truck Challenge, Diesel Power challenge, and Real Truck Club Challenge...:biggthump

...I might even have an official Explorer Forum License plate holder or 2 to give to the first couple newbies who show up...;)

...Plus there is a Albertson's, Starbuck's, Subway, Mcdonalds, and a killer mexican food place close by...

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Subscribin'...we'll see how busy school is for me but OC is close enough to me.

...I need to see if Micromachine is still around and I know we have a new white 95 ranger around this board..:scratch:


..What do you guys think... a night or 2 of local camping sound fun??? They are both kid friendly too..

1) I know a spot that cost $27 the first night and $12 the second but you can have one extra vehicle per site for $5 bucks, (pretty sure you can have campfires if no red flag),and it's close to the Main Divide Rd. and Trabuco cyn. which is newbie friendly....

2)...I know of another place to camp thats $12 a night per vehicle, easy access, and you are away from city lights and the coyotes come in camp but it has modern facilities(no campfires but plenty of stars)...Just no wheeling but there is miles of easy hiking...

3).. or just meeting up for a day picnic type thing...:dunno:

...I would sure like to get some newbies out to see all of your trucks and chat...I already pm'd MicroMachine and Crashed15, but if you see any others, send them here...:D

There are also FREE "yellow post" camping sites in San Bernardino and Angeles forests, although a reserved group camp would probably be preferable for anything more than a few trucks.

and... subscribed :thumbsup:

i'll see if i can make it i am located in newport beach.

...Sam, you will be able to make it and we can't wait to see your ride...:biggthump

...Bumpin for the newbies...:D

if i make it which ride should i bring the x or the caddy

Seeing as how this is explorerforum, bring the ex. Then we can finally hear that 40 series of yours and see your yellow fogs.

Hi! I'm kind of new here, and would like to meet & greet some other local Explorer owners...:D
Good idea. You need to learn that you can't put 34's on a nearly stock 2nd gen :cool::thumbsup:

...Ok all, I just updated the first post with all the info so let me know if you have any questions so I correct any mistakes...:D

...Thank you kind sir...:salute:

I have a family member's birthday celebration, sorry.

I can probably stop by and say hi, but I am going to a concert that night. Ill have to figure out if ill bring the Ranger or the Bronco.

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...Crashed15, camp Friday night and go to the concert Saturday night..:dunno:

...I'm taking my X but still want to meet up with both the Rangers...:biggthump