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So I decided to lift it (with pics)


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August 15, 2009
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franklinton, Louisiana
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I took it apart today and made my lift. 2.5 inches front and rear. I mounted a electric fan last week. Hope to get the body lift made tomorrow. Still need to figure out how to make a steering shaft extension. Sorry for the crappy cell pics




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Forgot to ask what tire yall are running with 5.5 inches of lift.

285 with 5.5 inches of lift? just want to be clear so i can start pricing them tonight online.

Did you try to do some kind of HDR with that last picture?

And yup, you need bigger tires:D Check out the 3rd Gen picture thread and you'll find a few lifted rigs and you can see what tires they run and what you like the best. Good luck and looking forward to updates!

Did you make your own lift spacers for this? Have any pics of what you did?

mmm those look amazing limited!! Id also like to see some pics of your DIY lift kit! nice job btw.

I didnt take any pics of the process. I found some 4 inch boiler tubing that was 1/4 inch wall and used that for the spacer. Then i cut out 1/8 inch plate for the top and bottom. I made the rear first and installed it. Then I made the fronts. After I took the front strut out I found out that the front strut bolt patter was smaller that the rear. So I cut the 4 inch pipe in half reshaped and re welded. Then I made new plates for top and bottom. I didn't paint anything yet. I wanted to see how the suspension wold react with the spacers. I will get it aligned on Monday. If all is well with the alignment I will take then back out for blasting and powder coating. I think I have figured out how to run dual upper ball joints on each side with a spacer. Should put the upper control arm level again. And I am considering a c notch type deal for the rear. That should keep the axle from touching the bottom of the hole in the frame. Oh and I like the looks of the HDR pics. I might have to try that..

Good work! I guess you solved your "where do I get a lift for my truck?" problem. :thumbsup: No need to worry about who's making what and how much will they be and how long will they take.

I just cant see buying something I can make myself. I have built many racecars and many different types of chassis so I figured I might as well do this. I think I will make my body lift 3.5 inches for a total of 6 inches of lift. Gonna take the stock bolts out today and measure them so I can buy longer ones. Also gonna pick the body up to see if I can make 3.5 work..

285 / 75 / 16's = 33's

but if you make the lift 6'' then you may want ot look into 35's ?

also nice to see a another ( Firefighter / EMT ) on the site lol

Thought about 35's but want to look into a gear swap first. I dont even know what gears i have now. And how did you figure out I was in the F.D. ??

Dual Slim Miser dash lights fella...

I have the same light... Im looking into buying another Blue/White

Oh !! good eye.. Galls has alot on clearance right now. Might want to look.

Nice work, keep it up.

any thought on what size tires your gonna run yet or what brand ????


ps, just a thought cause it looks bad ass, mount your lights as if it were a visor bar !

ill be rocking dual mini phantoms in the next week or so...

I'm on 5.25" of lift and running 285/75/16's (33's).

You either have 3.55 or 3.73 gears in your X. If you have the factory tow package with 2" tow receiver with 7-pin trailer plug (round) then you have the 3.73 gears, if you have the 1.25" receiver then you have the 3.55 gears.

I have the 3.73 gears (limited slip) on my 33's and I have the 4.0 engine, and it pulls my truck around just fine. I also tow jet skis, a bass boat and utility trailer regularly.

I however wouldn't put 35's on the truck, just because of the driveline strain. If you're doing it for be it, but I believe in functionality so for 35's to be functional I really believe that you would need to rework the suspension and drivetrain to accommodate that. First thing would be to ditch the IFS/IRS and do SAS front and rear....we have a member on here (Macknos) who is doing just that with his 3rd Gen.

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Looking at a set of 285 Nitto Tera Grapplers. I can get them for 198.00 each. Gonna swap the 3.55's for 4.11's with air lockers. And just for looks? um no.. it will be in the mud more than it is now.