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So I guess my front shock is completely blown...


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December 28, 2004
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bullhead city, arizona
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'99 ex sport
...or says the guy from Midas....I'm not good with all this stuff just getting into it....but the man says my front shock is completely I guess ill be replacing my shocks pretty soon.....should I replace just the fronts? or all 4?.....and what should I look at when buying shocks....can I get some good recommendations...i dont do much wheeling or off-roading....maybe a little here and there.....tryin to keep the price kinda low as well....whatcha think?

thanks -top

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Personally I would replace all four. If you do not do a lot of offroad driving I would recommend one of the three below in order form cheapest to most expensive.

Gabriel VST
Monroe Reflex
Edelbrock IAS

All will work well offroad, but probably can't handle multiple trips on hardcore trails such as the Rubicon or Moab without breaking. All will give you good onroad performance.

Those were actually for Chevy/GM and aren't their performance shocks. Shocks are a vehicle specific item. Don't you wish it was that cheap and easy ;)

These are what I was talking about, and they are for your application.

Edelbrock IAS
wierd it keeps linking to the page you showed, but here is a picture of the right ones. Enter edelbrock, then your vehicle info, then shocks and you'll get there.
EDL-3309 front
edl-3409 rear

Summit is a good source, as is :thumbsup:
However I prefer to purchase things like shocks locally to avoid the shipping costs.

The good Edelbrocks aren't cheap shocks though. :(
The Monroes go for about 45 each, and the Gabriel for about 25 each.

I am currently running the Monroe Reflex's. They are a great on road shock, but I am willing to bet I destroy them over a couple summers of mountain travel and end up with Rancho RSX's as they are built for abuse. :eek:

I would stay away from the Edelbrock's if you plan on offroading. I see them broken along the trails all the time. ;) Monroe Reflex are nice and I haven't heard of one giving out on the trail. I ran Explorer Pro Comp 3000s and Rancho RS5000s on my Explorer and liked them both. The Pro Comps are just a little softer than the Ranchos so better for the road.

yikes aright probably gonna look into the Monroe Reflex's then...thanks :)