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so....sprung a leak in the A4ld

January 15, 2010
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Denver, colorado
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1992 explorer
Hey everyone, so my trannys been leaking bit by bit for the last month or so, dripping from the bellhousing seal, so its likely the front main seal, and ive just been putting in transmission fluid making sure it stays full. this is my daily driver, so ive had to drive it even with the leak. But, it's starting to get a bit annoying having to spend all that money on fluid, and having oil spots everywhere I park. I eventually want to switch to manual, so im not sure whether its better to just take the tranny out and replace the seal(s), or would it be better just to switch to manual now that ill have the tranny out anyway? The A4LD works great besides the leak, shifts smooth and everything. any opinions?