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SOA + 4" Lift Leaf Springs?


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December 23, 2006
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'94 4WD
Will a SOA and having 4" Lift already give me 10 inches of lift total? Cause I have the rough country 4" lift now (uses leaf springs) and wanted to do a SOA.

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How are you going to match the front?

*shrug* That's next post haha. Would 8" Spring Coils from a Ranger Lift & 2" Daystar Coil Spacers work?

Short and simple answer is no. You'd be putting some serious stress on many parts that shouldn't be seriously stressed.

Anyway to get 4" lift then in the rear? I know with shackles i can get 2" but how can I get the other 2

hm, dont have the time, $ or fab skills to do a SAS right now. I'll probably just do a body lift even though I'd hate to have to do one. Oh well!
Probably a stupid question, but I know you can Add-a-leaf what about taken one off?

your forgettin that once you over axle in the rear you can block it for lift.. its still unecessary stress..but if you wantyou can.. i'd do SOA and get 1in blocks then do shackles.. for the front.. 8in coils are fine.. its rediculous after that to keep the TTB but you can do it fine.. do not put coil spacers on top tho. BLs dont look bad on explorers tho.. from experience i hav a 3in on mine..and compared to some other vehicles it looks pretty good, plus its rather simple to hide the lift blocks from view. your best bet for time bein is BL on your lift now.. or SOA try to match it up front as best you can and BL for the rest and wait till u can SAS in front..

How else could I stretch the front out another 2"? Is there any other way to get more lift

10" of front lift has been done before, i wouldnt do it but it can be done. I sugguest you knock of 2" off lift, so you have 8" all around.

8 suspension will be plenty.. if your worried about travel..get smaller tires.. better idea.. also a BL will be just fine

4 inch brackets and 6 inch cut and turned beams stacked up how else lol

true..the cut and turn has been a good way of doing this and preserving the TTB.. i always forget bout that one

well with 8" coils up front and SOA & 4" Leafs in the rear that leaves me 2" higher in the back. Anyway I could lower that an inch or an inch and a half cheaply? What if I took off a layer on the leaf springs? I know you can add more but can you take off?

or how bad would it be with 8" Coils w/ 2" spacers?

we've already rpety much decided aganst the 8in coils AND spacers.. it wont look that my defense with a "2in" difference.. and yeah you could def take a leaf out.. itll compromise the load and whatnot of the springs but you could

Okay I'll just do the 8" and 9.5". Good excuse to get a tow hitch and subs! Might help lower the rear a little.

Would anything else up front need to be extended besides brakelines? I have everything extended to work with the 4" but is it enough to hold the 8?

if anything youll extend the steering shaft and maybe your drive shaft? and ofcourse the shocks must be longer

Your drive shafts (at least the rear) will need to be extended with that much lift.

What size tires are you going to run?

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35"s, I'll be regearing to 5.13
so I gotta extend steering, rear driveshaft, and shocks? The front for the 8" Ranger is the same as the ones used for the 6" so I'll use those, would the ranger rear 8" shocks work too? Or will I need to get something bigger/different