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soa conversion and ifs lift


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July 28, 2009
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south jersey
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'98 XLT x2
im looking or the cheapest route possible to lift my 98 x. im thinking about doin a soa in the rear and wondering if anyone had a good writet up on it. also how much it would lift without adding leafs or shackles although i will if neccesary. im also wondering the best way to lift the ifs whether i try to buy just the front of a superlift lift kit or if theres another route. i really dont have the money or knowledge to do a sas. im looking for at least 4 inches of lift and i dont want to to a tt and shackle or body lift. i really need some help or info cuz i dont know that much about suspensions.

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can do the back for a lil over $30. all you need is a mig welder and axle perches. for the front you can do a TT "torsion twist" and buy lift spindles. ran from $200-$600 (huge range there from cheapest to better)

Haha yea. I just did mine so was getting as much results and research as I could

I'd do an AAL on the springs just to give them some extra strength so that they don't W soon. Wheeling can take a toll on them...
Then for the front, 3"s spindles, and match whatever you got in the back with a TT would work. You said you don't want to do a TT, but that would be the cheapest way. If you are determined to not do that though I'm sure there is a nice expensive way to do it. Actually, getting stiffer torsion bars could help depending on what bars you have.

Now for obvious reasons, I'm assuming you have 2wd.

Sport track torsion bars can fit on a xlt but sport idk?