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Soa Conversion

mesa 33

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August 14, 2005
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'98 xlt
Ive already started on my soa and just a dumb question but the driveshaft is supposed to be staright with the tranny right? Becuz before i started it it was off a little and my second question is from the axle to the drive shaft its supposed to kinda like this right? ___/ but not at that kinda angle. I already searched and people were disagreeing about this but i just wanna staright answer but the angle. Also your supposed to weld the new perchs directly above the bottom ones right? becuz when there directly above them they make my driveshaft angle.

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Anyone sry for my impatitence but im trying to get this done today since i started it yesterday and i need it to get to school tommorow. So any help would be appreciated

I dont know the # of degrees but if Im not mistakin, the driveshaft is suppose to be at an angle. If I remember right, if there isnt any angle the UV will wear quicker. Im sure someone else can shed more light on it.

Dont know about the perches. All I do know is that when I looked into it, I think it was Superlift that had bolt on perches.

The angle needs to be the same as it was before. If you have an angle finder put it on the transfercase output and you want within a degree or so of that on the pinion.

Ok thnks for the help i got it all done now. Looks really good now only thing is is that the rear is about an inch higher than the front the the front is just about maxed out and i also took out my all and shackles that i had in the rear.