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SOA rear ??? up front?


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June 1, 2005
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'00 Sport
Interested in a SOA conversion in the rear, whts it take to lift the front to match? A kit or just another conversion?

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You could crank your torsion adjuster bolts all the way - that's give you up to 2" un the front. Not sure if that's enough but it's a start.

yeah, got shackles in rear and TT up front, didnt know if there was anything to get the 4"-5" though.

is your truck a 4x4 or a 4x2?
if it is a 4x2 you can crank more and get spindles... if its a 4x4, no way to get the front end up high enough to match the back without the ifs lift which runs around $1500

thats what I was afraid of.

explodersport... i am goin through the same thing right now.... I got 3" spindles and cranked the torsion bars then did an SOA in the rear giving me 5" plus a 1" block.

yeah, my only thing is I got a 4x4. so I guess I am screwed unless I feel like forking out $1500. doubtful.

if your not gonna shell out 1500 then just do a body lift for more lift

yeah, got the 3" body and 2" TT and shackles, getting 33s.

nothin much to do with that then besides that 4" trailmaster or superlift or an SAS

i believe it's a Solid Axle Swap - changing your front suspension/drivetrain into a full-width axle. Probably not much less than the $1500

ooooooooh, ok. I was wondering why people would do the SAS, now I guess I know. Thanks.