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sodjer6 - 2004 XLT

Well my Sport is showing her age(or rather I am) and it was time to move onto something a bit more on the comfy, less kidney jarring side. I wasn't actually planning to purchase my next vehicle until next year, however this one caught my eye. Stopped in to just look at it, got talked into test driving it and took it home that night(7/9/2012) :D

Got a great deal and no plans to get rid of the Sport(although I see it sitting out in the driveway giving me dirty looks).

2004 XLT - 4.6L(2WD), just over 57k miles and Joe Dirt® clean. Plus some extras: Leather, roof rack, towing package, running boards(not sure about these, might be removing them).


Southern Cali Explorer
November 14, 2004
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Newport Beach California & Bay Area California
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2001 Sport (sold)
nice xlt